Biomutant: Everything You Need To Know About Psi-Powers

The way Psi-Powers actually work in Biomutant can seem like a bit of a mystery. All you have to do is save some random captive or pray at one of the many Psi Shrines found in the game, and suddenly you can unlock the ability to summon lightning from your hands and freeze enemies around you.

It’s cool, but also confusing. To better understand this mechanic, how it works, and how it might change in future updates, we’ll need to take a deeper look.

Psi-Powers Use A Unique Resource

So, Psi-Powers are found within the Mutations tab of Biomutant’s Character Menu, but they’re not the only thing in this clunky menu system. There’s also the Biogenetic and the Elemental Resistances that count as mutations as well. But, while these two use Bio Points, Psi-Powers use a different resource called Psi Points that are obtained in totally unique ways. You can get them by:

  • Saving (or Killing) one of the many trapped captives found in camps throughout the world
  • Finding and praying at any of the numerous Psi Shrines

How Many Psi Points Do I Need?

Well, to unlock all the Psi-Powers in the game, it’s going to take a fair bit of running around to different areas of Biomutant’s map and grinding Psi Points. But, if you manage to do it, every single Psi Power should be unlocked after obtaining a total of 68 Psi Points.

Psi-Powers Are Tied To Your Aura

Now the interesting thing about Psi-Powers is how they’re tied to the game’s Aura system. Essentially, throughout the game, you can make “good” or “bad” choices that will give you Light or Dark Points and influence your overall Aura.

This Aura plays a crucial role in your endings, but not for much else. In regards to Psi-Powers, it is only at certain Light or Dark levels that most of these abilities actually become available for purchase (outside of the first two, Blaze, and Blink). To be a bit more specific:

  • You can earn Light or Dark Points in a couple of ways
    • Pick the Light or Dark dialog choice in a conversation
    • Choose the Light or Dark action in certain situations
    • Find these little creatures near the shoreline and capture them with your net, then choose to either keep or kill them for Dark or Light points.
    • For example, you can have 10 Dark Aura Points and 10 Light ones and still unlock both Sizzle Ball and Freeze at the exact same time.
    • Basically, +1 Dark Point doesn’t equal -1 Light Point, they function as two different counters.

    There’s A Free Psi Shrine In Every Outpost

    This is something a lot of people missed initially, but with every Outpost captured, you will find a Psi Shrine near the entrance once the Tribe Merchants get all set up. But, because these Outposts are so huge and cluttered with objects and NPCs, many people seemed to walk right by these things.

    These aren’t the only places you find Psi Shrines, however, as these landmarks are spread all throughout the world. You can either follow a handy-dandy guide to get them all, but on average, they’re usually found nearby any interesting or unique location.

    A Few Work In Conjunction With Other Psi-Powers Or Biogenetics

    The game doesn’t exactly explain this very clearly, but you can absolutely use some Psi-Powers in tandem with other ones, or even use them in combination with a Biogenetic Ability.

    For example, using Freeze and Skyspark at the same time can be devastating, and you can also mix Levitate and Ki Spark as well (though the Helicopter Backpack works too). The only problem is how the game doesn’t specify which Powers can be used in combination with other ones, meaning you’ll have to test most of this out on your own.

    Both Biogenetic Abilities & Psi-Powers Count As “Power” Damage

    If you’re like us and had a hard time understanding what the Psi-Freak Perks meant by “Power Damage”, look no further. Turns out that any Biogenetic Ability or Psi Power is considered “Power Damage”, even if it’s a ball made of electricity/fire.

    Power Damage, obviously, increases with your level of Intellect, meaning that the more points you pump into this stat, the better your powers become.

    Psi-Powers Aren’t Designed To Be Your Main Source Of Damage Until Mid To Late Game

    That said, even if you only pick Intellect to rank up with every level, your Psi Powers won’t be cleaning up enemies nearly as well as melee and ranged damage (especially the overpowered weapons) will for quite a while.

    Psi-Powers and Biogenetic Abilities are meant to be used as a utility option for the early and mid-game it seems, and they won’t really become insane until you get to the higher levels or unlock the late-game abilities. In terms of raw damage, here’s how all the Psi-Powers stack up from worst to best:

    • Levitate
    • Blink
    • Blaze
    • Telekinesis
    • Sizzle Ball
    • Spark Ball
    • Freeze
    • Skyspark
    • Ki Spark

    Some Psi-Powers Are Versatile, Others One Really Serve A Single Purpose

    Switching the topic of conversation from power to maneuverability, there are some Psi-Powers that make getting around the world of Biomutant a lot easier. Sure, all the mounts in the game are pretty neat, but they aren’t all too much faster than your default running speed and are a bit awkward in general.

    If you want to get around quickly or get over certain hazards, here are a couple of Psi Powers that can make a huge difference:

    • Levitate: An incredible ability that allows you to get over large gaps and bodies of water since for some reason your character can’t swim.
    • Blink: Not bad for getting over smaller gaps, but not amazing either.
    • Blaze: A great ability to spam while moving in one direction, and we’re almost positive this Psi-Power is how speedrunners will cut out a bunch of time from their future runs.

    Using/Unlocking g Psi-Powers Won’t Change Your Physical Appearance At All

    Lastly, let’s talk about how the acquisition and use of all these Psi-Powers have absolutely no effect on the overall look of your character. Early trailers and developer interviews for Biomutant liked to tease at the idea that the final release of the game would have a system that altered the appearance of your create-a-character based on what Mutations or Psi-Powers you used or unlocked. But, not an ounce of this idea remains in the final product.

    So, if you thought maybe the Ronin would get eyes like Raiden from Mortal Kombat when he used Ki Spark, you’re in for a tough time.

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