Beware Spider-Man: Miles Morales Spoilers As Copies Begin To Appear In The Wild

Insomniac warns players to beware of Miles Morales spoilers as some have managed to get their hands on the game a week early.

It only feels like yesterday we were basically begging Sony to reveal something, anything about the PS5. Here we are now just one week away from the next-gen console. Not everything has been revealed about the PS5 just yet, and new information is being released all the time. For instance, just this morning Sony confirmed that the console will not support 1440p resolution at launch.

The release of PS5 accessories two weeks ahead of the console’s launch has also led to a few early discoveries. For example, the DualSense controller works on PS3, but not PS4. Discoveries like that are interesting and fun and generate buzz ready for release day. What Sony doesn’t want is information reserved for release day and beyond leaking out ahead of time.

Insomniac’s community director James Stevenson has indicated that is happening right now with Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The next chapter in the studio’s own Spider-Man story will be released on PS5 and PS4 on November 12, 2020, the same day as the next-gen console. However, some people have managed to get their hands on a copy a little early and may well spoil elements of the game for the rest of us.

“We’re at that time when copies of the game start getting out into people’s hands from all sorts of sources,” Stevenson tweeted. “If you care about spoilers, whether they be for the story or suits we haven’t shown, be careful.” When asked how exactly some have managed to acquire and play the game early, Stevenson explained that’s one of the potential headaches that comes with releasing a game on the same day worldwide.

“The game has a global street date of Nov 12th…to make that happen, it means copies are moving around the world from warehouses to stores,” Stevenson explained. There aren’t many games out there right now where its players will be concerned about having its story spoiled ahead of time. Miles Morales is definitely one of them, though. Be wary of anyone who has a copy of the game before November 12, as whatever they share might spoil the game for the rest of us.

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