Bethesda Responds To Negative Reception For Fallout 76’s Legendary Crafting

Bethesda has responded to the overwhelmingly negative response to Fallout 76’s Legendary Crafting system.

In the latest entry of Inside The Vault, Bethesda started the blog with an update on the feedback they’d received from the Steel Reign public test server.

In the blog, Bethesda said, “We’ve also seen lots of community conversation about the Legendary Crafting system, and we’re keeping a close eye on those discussions, as well. While it is still early in this phase of playtesting, we are looking to make some improvements in future PTS updates.”

The specific focus on the feedback regarding the Legendary Crafting system within the blog post, and the fact that it appears first on the discussion, should show how controversial the feature was as Bethesda clearly wanted to address it as soon as possible.

For those unaware, Bethesda introduced a public test server for the upcoming Steel Reign update, which allowed players to essentially beta-test some of the new features and quests that will appear. One of the bigger features was the introduction of Legendary Crafting, which would allow players to craft and edit their own legendary weapons with specific items.

The reception to the feature was overwhelmingly negative, with players commenting on the random nature of the upgrading, the high Scrip cost and that it was easier to grind for new weapons altogether than to try and grind for Legendary Cores.

Although Bethesda hasn’t commented on changing the random nature of the system, it does address two of the other issues in the blog post, saying, “For example, we’re looking into adjusting some Legendary Core drop rates and permanently increasing the Legendary Scrip limit, to help players more easily scoop up components they need to make legendary items.”

Even after the Into The Vault update promised that changes are being made to the system, Fallout 76 players still don’t seem very happy with Legendary Crafting, with one massively upvoted Reddit post saying it shows that Fallout 76 has no real endgame.

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