Bethesda And Arby’s Team Up To Celebrate Morrowind’s 20th Anniversary

It’s Morrowind’s 20th birthday, and to commemorate the occasion, Arby’s has issued a supportive tweet. Because that’s what digital brands do in the information age.

Specifically, Arby’s tweeted the OpenMW mod logo made out of ketchup and surrounded by curly fries. OpenMW, for the uninitiated, is an open-source version of the Morrowind engine that has been used in countless mods since its creation in 2008.

And because this is Twitter we’re talking about, the official Elder Scrolls account responded with, "You have done well, Mortal." Then the Bethesda account noted that "curly fries are for those who no longer bear the burden of prophecy. And have achieved their destiny."

While it's fun to watch brands engage in witty banter on social media, this is probably Arby's least-compelling support for a video game in some time. For example, last year Arby's teamed up with Shovel Knight to release kids meals that contain Treasure Trove DLC codes for both the Nintendo Switch and Steam. The year before that, Arby's created Cuphead-themed kids meals containing little toys that fire plastic projectiles.

Am I saying that Arby’s should have made another kids meal for a game that’s older than any child alive today? Yes. Because history matters.

Also, old doesn’t mean irrelevant. A recent poll revealed that 65% of respondents liked Morrowind when it first came out and almost 60% think it still holds up today. A game losing only 5% of its players after two decades is quite the accomplishment.

Plus, there are mods. The aforementioned OpenMW mod has since been used to create OpenMW VR, a mod that lets you play Morrowind in VR. Then there’s a multiplayer mod where you can stab your friends or light them on fire, and just recently a new mod combined the two so you can really get into the player-killing in Elder Scrolls 3.

Or you could celebrate Morrowind’s birthday by going to Arby’s, I guess.

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