Beginner Tips To Get You Started In Cozy Grove

Cozy Grove is an adorable life-sim that has just released for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and iOS — enabling those without a Nintendo Switch to finally get a similar taste to what Animal Crossing: New Horizons has to offer. Players find themselves taking on the role of a Spirit Scout stranded on a small island where they must help the local ghosts that are trapped there.

The gameplay will be familiar to life-sim fans, as it offers features such as crafting, gathering, cooking, building relationships with NPCs, and more. For those of you who are just starting out on Cozy Grove island, we’ve got some top tips to help you out in your new adventure.

Daily Limitations

Cozy Grove is not a game where you can easily burn through the storyline in a number of hours as, much like Animal Crossing, it requires the passing of real days for certain things to progress.

To begin with, you’ll find yourself very limited. On your first day, you only meet a handful of ghosts and only unlock a couple of tools. So, once you’ve finished up the tasks for each ghost, you’re kind of stuck for things to do as Flamey and the ghosts you’ve met will simply tell you to check back in the next day. You can still gather items and sell them if you wish, but ultimately, you can’t progress your island any further.

The more you progress through the game, you more you will have to do each day as you will unlock new ghosts and they all offer daily tasks. You’ll also unlock new tools so you can do more types of gathering each day.

Of course, if you are the impatient type or you’re just particularly enjoying the game and want to see more of it, you can change the date on your console to “time travel” and continue playing.

Bringing Color Back to the Island

As you fulfill tasks and receive the “Story Advanced” notification, you will slowly bring color back to the island and it will come to life with more items, characters, and expand in size. 

Returning color to the island means that you can interact with even more items, such as being able to harvest fruit from certain trees. You can expand the range of color by placing lantern decorations on the edge of the color range to cause it to reach even further and affect a wider area.

Color can fade day-to-day, so although you may have rejuvenated a ghost and their area already, you might find you need to do the same on the following day to restore that little bit of the island once more.

As you progress through the game, the requests that the ghosts make of you may have time limitations, so make sure you complete these as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on rewards.

Use Your Clues

Every island is slightly different for each player, with small landmarks such as dead trees, skulls, and ponds all being in different places, although the main ghosts are in the same areas.

This is important as most of the tasks that you receive from your ghostly neighbors involve hunting down lost objects or collecting various resources. Some of these can be particularly well-hidden or are hiding behind other scenery objects.

You can check in your Quest Log for a clue to the next missing item, or you can speak to Charlotte Pine for directions if you get really stuck.

Gathering Spots Respawn

There are a few different kinds of gathering spots that you can harvest various items from, such as digging up sand piles or holes with your shovel or unearthing items in piles of leaves.

Environmental items such as leaf piles and holes respawn regularly, so you can continue to explore the island and keep gathering items. Things like fish, fruit, and shells also respawn regularly.

Burning Things Creates New Items

When you speak to Flamey, you have the option to burn any of the items in your possession. Doing this doesn’t destroy the items, but actually helps to create new items for you to use.

For example, certain food ingredients can be roasted by using Flamey, or you can burn various fish to create charred fish bones that are used in crafting recipes.

Easy Ways to Make Money

As with most games, money is important to further your progress, allowing you to purchase new items, upgrades, and more. There are a couple of easy ways to make money that you should definitely pay attention to. Firstly, be sure to check in on your “Badges” menu and claim any rewards for badges you have unlocked.

Secondly, from the second day onwards you can unlock Captain Snout’s Collection. Essentially, you can donate shells, fish, flowers, cooking recipes and ingredients, and crafting materials to Captain Snout, and he will then reward you for each unique item given. 

Most of the time the rewards are money, but sometimes Captain Snout will give you rare items too. You can select multiple items to donate in one go to make this process even easier.

You Can Change Your Clothing and Appearance

At the beginning of the game, you get to customize your Spirit Scout, but if for some reason you change your mind, you can change your appearance by speaking to Mr. Kit (who unlocks once you have progressed enough on your first day).

Mr. Kit also offers a range of clothes for sale so you can customize your character even further. The clothing stock changes on a daily basis, so check in every day to see what new items you can snag to really show off your unique style.

Pay Attention to Decoration Preferences

As you progress, you will be given various decorations as quest rewards, can purchase them from Mr. Kit, and will also unlock the ability to craft new decorations yourself. Each decoration has its own type of traits, so for example, it might be classed as “rustic”, or perhaps it is “spooky”.

Plants and animals on the island have decoration preferences that you should pay attention to. Placing decorations near them that meet their preferences means you will be able to harvest more resources from them. You can examine their preferences at any time by approaching them.

Unlock More Crafting Recipes

Crafting is a big part of Cozy Grove, not just for making decorations, but also in order to craft items needed for ghost requests or for imps and spirit animals. You’ll automatically have access to certain recipes once you unlock crafting via Jeremy Gruffle.

You can earn more crafting recipes by completing requests, but there are even more to discover through exploration. For example, you can even find new recipes while doing tasks such as fishing.

Prioritize Upgrades

There are a number of upgrades that you can purchase in the game, with the most important upgrades available being the ones for your tent. This grants you more storage slots and increases the color in your camp area. Think of this in a similar way as to how you would upgrade your home in Animal Crossing.

Mr. Kit also offers upgrades to expand the selection of items available through his store, though bear in mind that once you purchase a store upgrade, Mr. Kit will close for the day to improve his shop. You will also gain access to better tools as you continue playing.

These upgrades make things a little easier as you will have more items and space available, but of course, they will cost you a small fortune, so make sure you are saving those pennies.

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