Batman Fans Think That Robert Pattinson Uses A Move From The Arkham Games

Batman fans think that Robert Pattinson is using a move from the Arkham games in a scene from The Batman.

Unlike superheroes like Spider-Man and Superman, who have specific powers that they can call upon, Batman doesn't have many distinctive "moves" and instead relies on hand-to-hand combat and gadgets. Because of this combat style, you wouldn't really expect a specific move to be referenced in The Batman, but following more viewings of the film, some fans think they've spotted a move from the Arkham games.

The move in question is the cape spin that Batman can perform in every Arkham game since Asylum. By pressing a button, Batman flips his cape over his shoulder to stun enemies, opening them up to be comboed and defeated with a flurry of punches. Although a cape flip may sound pretty generic, the move is pretty popular thanks to how it lets you single in on an enemy and take them out with style.

Twitter user, JohnnyMP, might have spotted a possible reference to that move within The Batman. Around the halfway point in the film, Batman finds himself in a cell in Gotham after a bomb explodes near him. A bunch of police officers surround him and try to find out who he is, which causes him to jump up and try to take them on. One police officer tries to grab onto his ears, which causes Batman to push him, turn around, and then use his cape to sweep some of the police officers aside.

The Tweet quickly gained a lot of attention, with over 20,000 likes at the time of writing. It's a fun little spot from JohnnyMP, even if it's very likely that Batman is simply turning around and flipping his cape over his shoulder, rather than a direct reference to the Batman Arkham games. Still, if Tom Holland can admit to directly taking a move from Insomniac's Spider-Man games, then there's always a chance that it was intentional here.

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