Batman, Bizarro, And King Shark Designs From Cancelled Game Surface Online

An artist has shared designs he created for Batman , Bizarro, and King Shark that would have been a part of an eventually canceled DC game.

DC gamers were given a lot to be happy about via the comic book company’s Fandome last month. Two major titles were announced for the next generation of consoles. Gotham Knights from WB Montreal, and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Both games look incredibly different and unique, but both will scratch the itch that has been annoying us since the last Batman game was released in 2015.

Between 2015 and now DC fans have been given a lot of false hope when it comes to new games. Before last month’s Fandome, it felt as if a new Batman game had been rumored for years. There was talk of a follow-up to the Arkham trilogy and repeated rumors that games from both WB Montreal and Rocksteady had been scrapped.

Although the confirmation that two new DC games are on the way is a welcome one, there will forever be an asterisk next to them. What did both studios have planned initially? Well, concept artist Jerad Marantz has given us a sneak peek of what that might have been. Although he doesn’t name the game, or really reveal anything about it at all, he has shared a few of the creations he was asked to make for it on Instagram.

Here’s a fun turntable of my King Shark. Did it kind of quick, might rerender it a bit slower at a different angle with some better lighting. #gameart #conceptart #creaturedesign #zbrush #batman #dcu #kingshark #keyshot

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The designs include Bizarro, King Shark, and a very futuristic-looking Batman. The King Shark design is the one that appears to have caught the eye of most people. The character has been getting more attention than usual as of late following his inclusion in the Harley Quinn animated series and the aforementioned Suicide Squad game. His design in this canceled game looks far meaner and more terrifying than either of those other iterations, though.

I got a chance to work on one of my favorite DC villains #bizzaro for a canceled video game. I’ve always wanted to do a pass on this guy. #dc #conceptart #characterdesign #Kryptonian #zbrush #gameart #mefriend #superman

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The Bizarro design is also very cool and it’s a real shame the game it was created for will never see the light of day. Bizarro is a DC villain casual fans aren’t all too familiar with, and this could have been a cool way to introduce Superman’s evil doppelganger to a wider audience. Here’s hoping he makes an appearance in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

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