Avowed leak claims open world, larger than Skyrim’s

The trailer for Obsidian’s Avowed had massive Skyrim vibes and, according to one leaker, it will apparently have a larger, denser world.

Amongst the many announcements from Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase, role-playing game Avowed was arguably overshadowed by the likes of Halo Infinite and the new Fable.

The trailer confirmed very little, with no gameplay to speak of, but it did seem to have more than a few similarities with Bethesda’s Skyrim, with its fantasy setting and first person perspective.

But the similarities may not stop there, according to one user on the ResetEra forums who claims to have insider info regarding Avowed.

The user, named Sponger, states that Avowed, like Skyrim, will feature a fully open world and that developer Obsidian is aiming to make it larger than Skyrim’s, or rather ‘denser’.

Sponger suggests a release date of either late 2022 or early 2023, which together with the fact that the Xbox One is not mentioned as a format in the original showcase trailer suggests it will be Xbox Series X and PC only.

The full list of details they share certainly makes Avowed sound like an ambitious title, with talk of a real-time weather system, an advanced character creation tool, and a focus on world-reactivity, lighting, and physics.

For example, there will be a specific focus on the physics for the magic systems and even the rivers will have micro-physics, implying that how they work will change depending on the weather.

Another, more well-known leaker named Klobrille, who primarily focuses on Xbox-related titles, also backed up the claims on Twitter, calling Sponger ‘legit.’

However, it’s important that these claims still be taken with a pinch of salt and that we wait for concrete details from Obsidian itself.

Sponger even notes that some of the details they’ve shared could change during development.

Avowed is scheduled to release on Xbox Series X and PC.


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