Avengers game 'adding She-Hulk' – seemingly confirmed by voice actor

Despite the lack of an official announcement, a voice actress appears to have accidentally confirmed that She-Hulk is coming to Avengers.

After finally adding Spider-Man to its Avengers game, Crystal Dynamics has yet to reveal what its plans are for 2022. The current roadmap only goes up to the end of December and, despite January being right around the corner, the studio hasn’t so much as teased what fans can expect in the new year.

In terms of new playable characters, however, it’s now believed that Marvel’s Avengers will be adding She-Hulk, lawyer and cousin to Bruce Banner/the Hulk, although it’s not entirely evident if she is the next DLC character or is simply in the pipeline.

This comes from Twitter user Miller, who previously leaked voice lines for Black Panther before he was formally revealed. As a result, many fans were able to figure out that his voice actor was Christopher Judge, who voiced Kratos in 2018’s God Of War and has reprised the role for the sequel.

In this instance, instead of sharing audio files, Miller simply claims that She-Hulk is not only coming to the game, but she will be voiced by Krizia Bajos. Some of her more recent roles include Spartan Stone in Halo Infinite and Ximena in the Netflix show Arcane.

Bajos herself retweeted Miller’s claim, along with a green heart emoji, which does seem like a confirmation on her part. Considering Crystal Dynamics hasn’t said anything about She-Hulk’s inclusion, however, she may have accidentally given things away too early.

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