Atmospheric Puzzle Platformer Inmouth Heads To Switch And PC

Inmost is a creepy story-driven puzzle platformer that was released for iOS in 2019 as part of Apple Arcade. Developed by Lithuanian studio Hidden Layer games, the atmospheric indie game is now making its way to Nintendo Switch and PC tomorrow, August 21.

This version of the game adds some new content, including new characters, locations, puzzles, music tracks, and improved performance and physics. It also expands on the interconnected story of “an adventurous young girl, a stoic knight, and a man in search of answers,” as you venture out into an otherworldly labyrinth.

Inmost is centered around three playable characters and each of their unique playstyles. You’ll lure enemies into deadly traps and utilize a scythe, hookshot, and pickaxe to survive the depths of this deteriorating castle. Along the way you’ll also be tasked with solving environment puzzles and overcoming platforming challenges as you progress through an intimate story of love and hope that’s intended to be played in a single sitting.

Inmost’s release on other platforms comes hot on the heels of another Apple Arcade game that’s hitting Nintendo’s console. Grindstone, one of the highlights of Apple Arcade, is also coming to Switch later this year. The game was announced during the Nintendo Indie World stream earlier this week.

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