Astroneer: How To Make And Use A Chemistry Lab

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There are several crafting-type stations in Astroneer; some of them will create a new piece of equipment by combining resources, while others combine these resources into more complex versions. One of these crafting stations that you will come across is the Chemistry Lab. This is a lab that allows you to combine two resources to create a more complex one.

In this guide, you are going to learn how to make and use a Chemistry Lab. Additionally, you will see every resource that can be created from the Chemistry Lab. First, let's take a look at what you need to make this lab for the first time.

Printing A Chemistry Lab

A Chemistry Lab can be unlocked for 1,600 bytes and printed from the medium printer with the following materials.

  • 1x Ceramic
    • Made by smelting clay
  • 1x Tungsten
    • Made by smelting wolframite
      • this is a resource found in caves of Desolo and mountain biomes of Calidor
      • 1x Glass
        • Made by smelting quartz
        • With all these materials, you can print and place your new Chemistry Lab. Keep in mind that this lab requires ten U/s of power when active. This can be quite a lot if you are still using small generators; be sure to have a stronger power source, such as solar panels or wind turbines. Alternatively, ensure that a battery is nearby with the necessary amount of power.

          What Does A Chemistry Lab Make?

          At the Chemistry Lab, you can combine dozens of resources to make complex ones used in several late-game objects. Below, you can check out what can be made at the Chemistry Lab, as well as some of the objects that the new resources are used in.

          Material CreatedRequired ResourcesBlueprints Requiring New Material
          • 1x Organic Material
          • 1x Resin
          • Winch
          • Medium Rover
          • Recreational Sphere
          • Large Rover
          • Auto Extractor
          • 1x Compound
          • 1x Carbon
          • Holographic Figurine
          • Medium Fluid, Soil, and Resource Canisters
          • Large Rover Seat
          • Atmospheric Condenser
          • Medium Rover
          • Shelter
          Aluminum Alloy
          • 1x Aluminum
          • 1x Copper
          • Solid-Fuel Jump Jet
          • Paver
          • Large Wind Turbine
          • XL Wind Turbine
          • Large Solar Panel
          • Solar Array
          • Recreational Sphere
          • Medium Shuttle
          • Large Rover
          Tungsten Carbide
          • 1x Carbon
          • 1x Tungsten
          • Drill Mod 2
          • Drill Strength 1 and 2
          • Large Shredder
          • Extra Large Shredder
          • Auto Extractor
          • 1x Graphite
          • 1x Hydrazine
          • Field Shelter
          • Solar Array
          • XL Wind Turbine
          • 2x Graphene
          • Drill Mod 3
          • Drill Strength 3
          • 2x Ammonium
          • 1x Hydrogen
          • This resource is used as fuel for the Hydrazine Thruster
          • 1x Resin
          • 1x Quartz
          • 1x Methane
          • Field Shelter
          • Medium Gas Canister
          • Paver
          • Crane
          • Shelter
          Explosive Powder
          • 2x Carbon
          • 1x Sulfur
          • Dynamite
          • Fireworks
          • 1x Carbon
          • 1x Iron
          • 1x Argon
          • Probe Scanner
          • Hydrazine Thruster
          • Crane
          • Large Storage Silo A and B
          • Extra Large Shredder
          • Auto Extractor
          Titanium Alloy
          • 1x Titanium
          • 1x Graphene
          • 1x Nitrogen
          • Hydrazine Jet Pack
          • Drill Strength 2 and 3
          • Large Shuttle
          Nanocarbon Alloy
          • 1x Steel
          • 1x Titanium Alloy
          • 1x Helium
          • Portable Oxygenator
          • RTG
          • Large Resource Canister

          That's all there is to the Chemistry Lab. Overall, this is a very useful piece of equipment to have in your base, so don't forget to build one and start creating hydrazine for easier interplanetary travel.

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