Astroneer: How To Activate A Gateway Chamber

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Planets in Astroneer are packed with resources, as well as mysteries for you to discover. As you make your way around Sylva, the starting planet, you will come across giant structures that appear to be made from a dark glass material. These are called Gateway Chambers, and they will need to be activated to see their full potential.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at how to activate these Gateway Chambers, as well as what they do. It's important to note that the mystery behind these chambers can be considered a spoiler, so proceed with caution.

What Does A Gateway Chamber Look Like?

Gateway Chambers are giant structures; in the image above, you can see a chamber located on Sylva. When you walk on the floor portion of the Gateway Chamber, a starry background will light up, creating a purple effect.

How To Find Gateway Chambers

Overall, Gateway Chambers are pretty easy to spot. They are very large, making them noticeable. If a chamber is nearby but out of sight, you will be able to see a beam pointing into the sky. Following this will take you to the Gateway Chamber. Each planet will have six Gateway Chambers, with the exception of Novus. This planet will only have two that need to be powered up.

Activating A Gateway Chamber

Gateway Chambers need to be powered up. This can be done with generators, as well as batteries. To power up a chamber with a generator, simply place the generator next to one of the platforms on the chamber and attach it with a cable plug. You can find three separate areas to plug in your generator.

How Much Power Is Needed?

The amount of power needed depends on what planet the Gateway Chamber is on. Below, you can check out how much power chambers will need on different planets.

PlanetPower Needed
Sylva5 U/s
Desolo8 U/s
Calidor6 U/s
Vesania16 U/s
Novus21 U/s
Glacio26 U/s
Atrox30 U/s

A small generator can produce 2 U/s, meaning that to power Gateway Chambers on Sylva, you just need three small generators. Each generator runs on Organic Material, which can be found on the surface of planets. There are larger generators and power sources available that will create more power. For example, a medium generator will produce 9 U/s. Medium generators require Carbon to function, which can be created by smelting Organic Material at a smelting furnace.

Active Gateway Chambers

After enough power is provided, the Gateway Chamber will take 30 seconds to activate and an Odd Stone will appear. With the chamber now active, you can interact with the Odd Stone, which will eventually enable the Gateway Fast Travel Network. To fast travel, you will first need to activate the Gateway Engine, found at the center of the planet, or core.

The engine functions similarly to the chambers, but it will require a resource, rather than power. Once activated, all the Gateway Chambers that you have activated will turn into teleporters, allowing you to use the Gateway Fast Travel Network.

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