Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How To Solve All Of The Suthsexe World Events (And Where They Are Located)

Suthsexe is located straight to the south on the map in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It is a location filled with World Events just calling to players to complete them. Some are easy, and some are hard, but all are able to be solved with a bit of thinking and refined combat strategies.

A total of eight World Events exist in this region and a few of them are made to trip you up. The answer seems clear initially, but upon closer inspection, you might realize that things aren’t exactly as they appear!

Rock Of Fertility

  • Location:  Southwest of Lundenwic Abbey

You will come across a man and woman fighting, and you will need to speak to the woman. She will tell you she needs to go to the Rock of Fertility so she can be blessed with a child, like so many women before her.

Follow her up the hill and protect her from the wolves who come across your path with your best weapon. When you reach the rock at the top the woman will stop to pray to Ostara. A man will appear from behind it and offer his services to help her become pregnant. You just have to follow them over to the blanket laid out behind the rock to complete this mystery.

King Of The Hay People

  • Location: Southeast of Fearnhamme

When you arrive at this location you will find a Goliath sitting on top of some hay bales. He will taunt you for not kneeling in front of him and this is where you have two options. You can either walk up to him and try to assassinate him to start a fight, or you can loot the chest to his left for the same result without taking any health off him first. Once you kill him the World Event is completed and you can head on your way to face off against some of the hardest bosses.

Alisa In The Wunderlandscire

  • Location: South of Foris Turre

This World Event will bring you to a cave where the cries of a little girl can be heard inside. Enter the cave and drop down to the floor where you will find her lying hurt on the ground.

Eivor will offer to carry her, so pick her up and head toward the cave entrance. You will have to climb up the rocky incline and then jump across the wooden platforms, then place her on the ground outside of the cave.

Tiny Black Market

  • Location: Northwest of Brimcliff Monastery

The Tiny Black Market World Event begins when you climb up the ramp into the trees where two children await your arrival. The first child will ask you for a password and choosing apple or raven will give you entry.

Next, the girl will try and sell you worthless items, unlike some of the runes you can buy at Trading Posts, and once you buy them all the World Event will be completed. The shoe comes with a treasure map so your coins aren’t wasted on this venture.

A Prayer For Vengeance

  • Location: South of Chertsey Abbey Ruins

There is a tomb built into the side of a hill that has been opened and you must retrieve the key inside. Don’t run through the front entrance, but head around to the back where there is a small square opening that will allow you to shoot a wooden box.

Once this is done, head back to the main entrance and push the movable object out of the way. Collect the key inside, which will open the monk’s lair not too far away, and exit the tomb. Once you step outside the monk himself will attack you and this mystery is finished once he is killed.

Eivor The Sheepdog

  • Location: West of Briggworth

This World Event will take you to a small farm where a man is calling out for his sheep named Fenton. Head to the north and you will see the sheep surrounded by wolves atop a small hill.

Once you kill the wolves, without making any combat mistakes, you can use your whistle to bring the sheep back to the man. However, the man will kill him for his insolence in a cut scene and once it is over, so is the World Event.

Will O’ The Wisp

  • Location: West of The Witch’s House

This World Event is located in a foggy swamp and it begins once you come across a bonfire as mysterious voices will demand you give up your valuables, like your priceless light shield. Use Odin’s Sight to find the bonfire and there are six in all.

The directions you have to head from the first bonfire are south, southwest, west, north, north, southwest. You will find the men hiding behind a stone wall and you can kill them or give them a tip on how to be better. They will both earn you some coin so the choice is ultimately up to you.

Alfanc The Terrible

  • Location: South of Briggworth

A woman is tied up near the river’s edge by her father who claims he is going to sacrifice her to appease the sea beast who flooded his fields. Untie the woman and she will ask you to help her prove the falsity of these claims. If you jump into the water you will see a floating pot and some wood, and if you dive beneath it you will be able to interact and loot some Viking rope.

Unfortunately, it seems the woman’s father had intentions to murder her, as some historical figures were known to do, so she will banish him from her life and leave with a man named Godfrey to live out her days.

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