Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How To Solve All Of The Cent World Events (& Where They Are Located)

A region in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is called Cent and it is a beautiful location filled with coastlines and greenery. It is also home to several World Events that you are tasked with completing. They can seem easy at first, but then they throw a curveball and you are stuck confused about what to do.

Luckily, they are not as hard as they seem, although occasionally you might need some help to solve them. That is where this guide comes in handy as it will go through each of the World Events in Cent and their solutions from start to finish.

The Sky Thief

  • Location: West of Folcanstan, past the snake

A ladder is heading up into a tree and you must climb it to speak to the little girl at the top. She will confess that the ring was taken by a bird and she wants it back from its nest.

If you stand on the end of the log extending from the platform and aim between the slats of the wood on the other side then you will be able to shoot it down. Once this is done, you can jump to the ground and beneath the tree is the ring.

The girl’s stepmother will approach and you will be given two choices, but they don’t make a difference. Whether you choose for the stepmother to keep the ring or to give the ring to the girl, you will speak to the girl and go on your way with no extra rewards.

Pig Of Prophecy

  • Location: Canterbury

When you come across this location you will see a man standing across from a pig, and this is who you need to speak to. He will tell you how the pig is a seer and that you should speak to it and see for yourself.

Next, go over to the bucket of ale and take a drink, then talk to the pig. You will need to do this two times and then the World Event will complete itself and leave you with more questions than answers.

The Pardoner’s Tale

  • Location: Southeast of Lolingestone Bandit Camp

The World Event begins when you speak to an old man along the road who will tell you a tale about three men who wanted to find death. He will mention an old oak tree, which can be found a short distance behind the man, and that is where you should head once he stops speaking.

Once there, you need to examine the three bodies, the food, and then the pot on the far side of the tree. You will discover that one man was strangled to death by the two men who drank the ale he poisoned, but it means you can collect the 40 silver they were going to split that you now can spend on better runes.

Red In Tooth And Claw

  • Location: East of Lolingestone Bandit Camp

There is a house at this World Event location and it is surrounded by three boars, which you have to kill. Once they are all dead, head to the back of the house where a dead body is near the well. Collect the key from the man, open the front door, and examine the dead body and apples so you can head off to one of the more exciting side quests.

The Lighthouse Twins

  • Location: East of Folcanstan

Upon entering the tower you will see a man laying on the ground complaining about his leg and calling up to his brother. It seems his brother has climbed to the top of the tower after chasing an old English legend and now he is stuck.

Make your way up the ladders to the top, and the final ladder will require you to shoot the pull to release the lower end. Kill all three of the snakes along the way as well since the man is afraid of them. Finally, speak to the man at the top and once he reaches the bottom a cut scene will ensure to complete this mystery.


  • Location: Southwest of Tonbridge Monastery

A little girl is standing beside several hay bunches filled with bees, and the first step is to speak to her. She will tell you how she needs to find honey for her friend, then you can use your Odin’s Sight to discover which hay bunch you need to interact with.

One tip is that once it is collected place it on the slab of rock directly to the left of the door in the tree, rather than the rock behind the logs. Finally, sit on the log and wait for the bear to appear and for the girl to finish her speech for this side quest to end.

Madness Of The Stones

  • Location: Saint Hadrian’s Priory

When you arrive at this location a madman will be raving that the number of stones in the circle is never the same, and it is one of the best parts of the game. He will ask you to count them for him and then ask you what number you came up with.

This will happen three times in a row and all you have to do is tell him a different number each time. Once you come up with three different numbers, the screen will turn white and the man himself will become a rock on the outside of the formation.

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