Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Hamtunscire Walkthrough – The Prophecies Of The King

The entire time players look at the world map in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, they see that red area in the southwest and think, “Oh, that’s a ridiculously high level, there’s no way I’m going there.” Then you get through all the territories and, sure enough, they send you on your final doomed mission to Hamtunscire.

It’s every bit as challenging as it looks, especially if you haven’t been power leveling, doing all of the side missions, and finding hidden abilities. That being said, it’s not impossible and this guide will go over every point of the questline and provide details to help make your final mixed defeat a successful one.

Kingdom’s End

  • Travel To Werham
  • Burn Werham

As soon as you make the pledge, Valka will warn you that you are doomed to fail. Ignore her eerily accurate cutscene and make your way to Werham. You’ll get two more consecutive cutscenes, then you’ll be immediately plunged into a riot.

The tooltip mentions to target houses and silos, but supply carts will also count toward quest progression. Feel free to ignore combat here, it’s not helpful and your soldiers will take care of it for you.

  • Regroup With Soma
  • Escort The Danes

Upon reconvening with Soma, you’ll immediately be tasked with protecting the Danes as you escort them across Wishtman’s Wood. Four patrols are along the path that will need to be defeated. There aren’t any elite units, but there are between three and four members of each group.

  • Find And Rescue The Danes

Mount up and head for the marker, Guthram will follow you automatically. Use your bird when near the fortress and you’ll get a peek at where the Danish captives are.

Pick up a key on a table by the bank of the river and head into danger. You’ll be accompanied by rowdy soldiers, so don’t bother with stealth. Head into the pit and free two Danes tied up side-by-side on their knees. Across from them in the same pit, unlock the door to free another group. Lastly, go into the tower in the middle of the fort, shoot the lock on the ladder, slide into the basement, and free three more prisoners there to complete the rescue operation.

  • Follow Guthram
  • Speak With Guthram

Follow Guthram to safety and then some (he runs a long way). After an uneventful while, he’ll stop running. Talk to him and you’ll be ready for the next quest in the sequence.

Holy Day

  • Speak With Guthram

Guhtram is still your man to converse with, but he’s run off to talk with Soma. The troops you rallied during the campaign will be at this location as well.

  • Find And Confront Aelfred

For now, the town is empty. All you have to do is find the marked, unlocked door that leads to Goodwin.

  • Defeat Goodwin

At level 340 and with a flaming greatsword and a massive metal shield, Goodwin is a beast. He doesn’t have a special moveset like some bosses, but his health and these items alone make him formidable. Stagger him with heavy attacks or by shooting his weakpoints to open up a chance for a flurry of blows.

The next choice is meaningless, as you will either kill Goodwin or he will commit suicide.

  • Help Your Allies

Time for some good news and bad news. The good news is that you can’t get anyone killed other than yourself, so don’t feel pressured by the clock. The bad news is that no matter what you do, how you’ve played, and what you’ve chosen, the people who die during this sequence will die no matter what you do now.

  • Capture The Thegn

When you go to help Guthram, he’ll have trapped a thegn who has locked himself in a room. Hop over the wall with the barred door, kill the guards, and tie up the thegn. You do not need to carry him, this is all that is required to succeed in Guthram’s portion of the mission.

  • Carry Hunwald

When you get to Ljufvina, she will inform you that Hunwald has been struck down. Pick him up and hop down the rocks next to him. There is a house to carry him to where you can watch him bleed out before pursuing other objectives.

  • Destroy The Garrison Gate

When you get near Broder, you’ll find that the garrison gate remains standing. It’s swarming with guards who will mess up your mission, but if you thin their number out, you can find time to pick up a fire jar just to the left of the gate and throw it at the garrison. An explosive arrow will also do the trick.

  • Secure The Garrison

At this time, any remaining enemies will be marked for you to kill. They go down easily with the mounted ballista on your left side.

  • Regroup With Your Allies
  • Defeat The Saxons

When you run back to find your friends, you’ll see they’ve been beset by Saxons. Thankfully, they will all be marked. It will seem endless, but they run away after you kill enough of them, so don’t worry, this won’t take forever.

Watch three cutscenes and you’ll get the achievement for beating the game at this time.

Reporting On Hamtunscire

  • Announce Hunwald’s Death To Swanburrow

Unlike most missions where you go to Randvi during this phase, you’ll have to stop and tell Swanburrow the news about Hunwald. She’s in Ravensthorpe.

  • Report To Randvi

The final step of the game is right here, telling Randvi what happened. As the master strategist, she understands this spells out the end of the Vikings in England, but she encourages you to rest. Take her up on the offer, you’ve earned it!

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