Assassin’s Creed Valhalla An Island Of Eels Guide

An Island of Eels is the next quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla after The Stench of Treachery. This quest tasks you with finding and defeating Wigmund, the Saxon who took Grantebridge from Soma earlier on.

An Island of Eels is the first main quest that plays out in very different ways depending on previous decisions you made, so you should definitely check out our The Stench of Treachery guide first, which is linked above. If you make the wrong decision in that quest, this one becomes significantly more difficult, and you’ll miss out on certain benefits that will help you throughout the entire remainder of the game.

Here’s our An Island of Eels guide, which is part of our complete Assassin’s Creed Valhalla walkthrough.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla An Island Of Eels Guide

This guide picks up directly where our The Stench of Treachery guide left off. After the cutscene in which Soma kills whoever you chose as the traitor, you’ll immediately need to head down to your ship and make your way north towards the quest marker. It’s a pretty long journey, so get your crewmates to tell a story while you set your ship to auto-sail. It’s worth noting that auto-sail is always worth using anyway, as in quests like this one it will drop you at the optimal point to get off, which is helpful given that sometimes you need to sail further than you’d think in order to walk a shorter distance on land for a faster overall journey.

Once you arrive at your destination, get off the boat and make your way to the quest marker in order to regroup with Soma. Speak to her and choose the option to start the raid.

As you approach the stronghold, be sure to swing a left so that you can climb up on the battlements — heading in the main entrance is obviously not advisable, as this place is teeming with enemies. Hop down onto a cliff along the northern wall and make your way forward. If you use Odin’s sight here, you should be able to see a lone patrolman standing by a wall. Climb the wall, assassinate him, and climb back over onto the cliff. This is the optimal way of covering ground without encountering too many enemies, and safely taking out the one enemy capable of spotting you along the way. From here, you should be able to enter the monastery itself, where Wigmund is hiding with multiple guards. These are all normal enemies except for one yeoman, so at this point taking them on in full combat is quite easy — although you can sneak around and look for Wigmund on his own if you want. Once you kill him, you need to confirm your kill, just like you did with the priest at Walden. To do this, take him down and then hold the interact button while standing over his body. You’ll know you’ve completed the assassination objective when a cutscene with you, Wigmund, and Odin plays.

After the cutscene you’ll need to make your way out of the stronghold, although it’s worth remembering that this is a monastery. You can escape with Soma right away to progress the quest, but you can also blow your warhorn to initiate a raid. I recommend doing the latter — there is a large chest with raw materials where Wigmund was, and at this point the enemy forces will be depleted enough to make it a very easy raid with maximum reward. Also remember that you have Soma with you, who is pretty overpowered at this point. The raid only takes five minutes and there are three raw materials coffers here, so blow your horn, raid the area, and then head back to regroup at camp. As you approach the quest marker for your camp, a cutscene will play.

If you chose the correct traitor, no one will die and Birna will actually join your clan. She’s a brilliant ally to have, so this is a huge win in the long run.

If you chose the wrong traitor, Galinn will attack the remaining member of Soma’s inner circle, revealing that he was the traitor all along. This leads into a boss fight against Galinn and all of the remaining archers from the Saxons. Galinn is actually a pretty tough boss, as he is both agile and aggressive. Focus on taking out the archers first, then prioritize dodging and landing light attacks when he is locked into his recovery animation. 

Once you kill him you can choose to either send him to Valhalla or deny him that honor. At the end of the fight, the inner circle member he attacked wakes up, and a new cutscene will play. This ends Soma’s storyline, with her saying she is now bound to the Raven clan should you ever need her help. You’ll now need to head back to Ravensthorpe in order to report to Randvi, which will start the next main quest: Uninvited Guests.

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