Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: 10 Tips For Upgrading Your Settlement

One major difference that sets Assassin’s Creed Valhalla apart from the rest is the addition of an upgradeable settlement called Ravensthorpe. It can be a bit tricky at first to figure out exactly how the system works, but the basis is to collect supplies and raw materials to add buildings.

There are some tips and tricks that can help you understand how to upgrade your settlement quickly and efficiently. This is important as it serves as the hub for everything in the game including upgrades, special rewards, trade, and your raiding party. Keep reading to learn a few tips to take your settlement from a single longhouse to a place bustling with activity!

10 Raid Monasteries

The best thing you can do to jumpstart the upgrading of your settlement is to raid monasteries, as this is the only way to gain raw materials. A raid is easy to start as you can either go up to the shore in your longship or blow the horn in your selectable menu. It is smart to only perform raids in areas that match your current power level, as anything too high will end with your quick demise and a failed raid.

9 Interact With Plaques

Once you have collected enough supplies and raw materials then you can interact with the plaques in front of various tents in order to build them. The various upgrades help you in different ways and a few of your options include things like a Blacksmith, Fishing Hut, and Octavian’s Museum. Most of the buildings will take 400 supplies and 30 raw materials but as your settlement levels up it will take more to build the unlocked buildings.

8 Leveling Up Your Settlement Gives You More Options

When you level up your settlement it will give you more options for huts that you can build. The first rank will give you access to the Blacksmith, Hidden Ones Bureau, Trading Post, and Barracks. The second rank will give players access to Octavian’s Museum, Brewery, Shipyard, Fishing Hut, Tattoo and Barber Shop, and the Bakery.

The third rank includes the Cattle Farm, Grain Farm, Cartographer, Alvis and Holger’s House, and the Fowl Farm. The settlement can be leveled up in several ways, which is one of the reasons players were hyped for the game, with the easiest being to complete more builds and upgrades of the various buildings.

7 Pledge Allegiances

If you choose to pledge allegiance to an area then completing the task will give you a special reward for the settlement. It might be a settlement upgrade, or it could be more raw materials that would allow you to build a hut or other settlement building.

All you have to do is talk to Randvi and before agreeing to pledge look in the bottom left-hand corner to see what the area will reward you with. This could determine where you pledge next based on what you need at the time as it makes it the best Viking game to be released to date.

6 Loot Chests

It has already been mentioned that raw materials are gained from monasteries, but supplies are more plentiful across the map. Chests are marked with a gold marker on the map, and sometimes they will give you supplies. You never know which chests will give you this coveted material, but it is worth your while to seek them out throughout the game as the main story takes you to new locations.

5 Complete The Story

It might seem futile to continue the story, even if it is one of the best parts of the game, when your settlement is so bare, but it will actually help you upgrade faster. The reason for this is that the quests in the story will grant you several skill points, which can open up new areas for you to raid as your power level increases. You can seek out the mysteries, artifacts, and wealth as well to gain XP, but the story quests will give you the most.

4 Choose Which Buildings To Upgrade Wisely

The game gives you the option as to which buildings you want to upgrade first, and it can be difficult to choose. It’s important to understand what each of them does, and you should try to choose buildings that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

This includes things like the Fishing Hut, Hunter’s Hut, Seer’s Hut (where you will find the answers to unanswered questions), and Blacksmith. It is up to you to decide what is most important to you and your style of play as you make your way through the game.

3 View The Paper In Eivor’s Room For Tips

Eivor’s room is located inside of the Longhouse and it has things like her bed, a message box, and an informational paper that relates to the state of the settlement. This paper can help you decide what to upgrade next if you are stuck trying to decide. It will also help you understand what buildings are ready to be upgraded based on the tank of your settlement, as not all are available right away.

2 Level Up Eivor

When you level up Eivor, it helps you unlock more resources to be able to upgrade your settlement. You will not only be able to raid more monasteries, but new areas will become available to you where your power can be increased dramatically. Her power and the level of your settlement go hand-in-hand as her strength correlates to how soon you can upgrade the next building.

1 Don’t Ignore The Feast Buffs

The feast buffs given can be fairly useful once your settlement reaches the fourth rank as it gives Eivor access to a bell that calls for a feast. This will enhance Eivor’s stats, and those of her raiding party, for a limited time with things like armor, health, and additional melee damage. It can be very useful, which is why pro players use it all the time, especially when facing a difficult raid, boss fight, or legendary animal.

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