Assassin’s Creed Fans Aren’t Sure How Jade Will Be Canon Following Gameplay Leaks

Players on the popular social media platform Reddit have recently been speculating about the next entry in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Jade. The topic of conversation has been how exactly the game could possibly be canon given the details which have emerged from the leaks earlier this month.

“After all these leaks about the mobile game and its mechanics, what do you guys think about the canonicity of this game for the Assassin’s Creed universe? I mean, seeing the legendary Wei Yu as the protagonist's master sounds interesting until we know that this character can be named and made to appear however you want, being unique to each player around the world,” the original poster Gui_Heinen began.

“Which makes me wonder about the continuity of events and facts presented in this adventure, not to mention how it would work within the franchise's pre-established rules about the Animus itself,” Gui_Heinen continued. “Modified genetic memories? Updated Animus console? So many questions.” The original poster added that “I don't remember if any developer commented on these details or even if the game will in fact be canon for the universe of the saga after all. Can anyone shed some light on the matter?”

The opinions have been every bit as various and varied as could be expected given the circumstances. While some fans of the franchise have been arguing that Jade will be characteristically canon, others have been disputing this particular assertion, pointing out that no small amount of bending the “pre-established rules about the Animus” would be required in order to make this work. Jade is going to be set in China which is of course far away from Britain where the last entry in the franchise took place.

Several players on the other hand managed to find a way around this problem. “With Odyssey, we know that the Animus is capable of making educated guesses of what happens based on DNA with historical text input, so it could be said that the genetics were not all there and Jade is not even about a single assassin,” the user going on Reddit by the name of TheJagji for example remarked. “Rather, it is about a multitude of them, all mentored by Wei Yu.”

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