Assassin’s Creed 2: Where To Find All Feathers

The most significant collectible items in Assassin's Creed 2 are the feathers. They're introduced early in the game when Ezio uses his excellent parkour skills to grab a few for his little brother, Petruccio. After he loses his sibling, the Italian assassin decides to pay tribute by collecting 100 more feathers.

It's a nice gesture, but it's not so good for you. After all, finding 100 of the tiny things throughout the various cities in the game is no small task. Doing so, though, grants you an achievement and the Auditore cape. Plus, when you put them all in the box within the Villa, you get to witness a heartwarming scene between Ezio and his mother. If you think all that's worth it, here are all the feathers' locations.


1On top of the building across the street from the blacksmith.
2Above the entrance to the town. It's on a wooden plank that's facing north.
3On a building west of town.
4Northeast of the town, on the roof of a building.

Florence – Santa Maria Novella District

1On a wooden plank that's sticking out of the city wall.
2At the city wall on a wooden plank above a platform.
3On top of the San Lorenzo, next to the largest dome.
4On a tiled beam above the street.
5In front of a small window.
6Directly in the center of the Mercato Vecchio marketplace, on top of the pillar.
7Above the entrance to the Santa Maria Novella, just below the roof.
8In front of a small window, on the other side of the building to an assassination pigeon coup.
9It's on a wooden plank, next to the border of the San Giovanni district.

Florence – San Giovanni District

1High up in front of a window, near the water.
2On top of a structure that's holding a hanging platform.
3Near the Casa Di Vespucci. It's also on a structure that's holding a hanging platform.
4Above Leonardo's workshop, in front of a large circular window.
5Right at the top of the large church known as the Santa Maria Del Fiore.
6At the Palazzo Della Signoria. Climb up to find it on one of the wooden planks that surround the place.
7On a wooden pole that's looking over the docks.
8On a pole between two buildings above the water.
9You will find this one on top of a chimney.

Florence – San Marco District

1Directly above the tailor shop on a wooden pole.
2On a wooden pole sticking out of a half-built building.
3Above a hanging platform, next to an unfinished building.
4On the north side of the Santa Croce roof.
5At the summit of an unfinished building on top of some wooden planks.
6Above a square courtyard in front of a window.
7Like feather 5, this one is atop an unfinished building on a wooden plank.
8Atop a wooden beam that's sticking out of a building. It's hanging over a set of stairs.
9Within the Ospedale Degli Innocenti by the northwest corner above a door. You must climb the door next to it to reach this feather.

Tuscany/San Gimignano

1Atop the roof of the Monte Oliveto Maggiore on the eastern side.
2At the back of the Antico Teatro Romano on a pillar.
3On top of a structure directly above the entrance to the city.
4Partway up a tower on a wooden beam pointing west.
5On the west wall of the city, atop a brick structure.
6There is a tower next to the Santa Maria Assunta. The feather is on the west side of said tower sat on a wooden pole.
7At the top of a tower above a tailor shop.
8This feather is at the two towers known collectively as the Torri del Salvucci. It's on the north side of the smaller one, atop a wooden pole.
9Sat on a wooden beam directly above the blacksmith and partway up a tower.
10This is another one that's partway up a tower on a wooden beam.
11On top of the chapel, behind the large bell.


1To your left as you enter from the south. The feather is on a wooden pole that's sticking out of a building.
2Above a set of stairs atop a wooden beam.
3It's atop the wall that surrounds the city. More specifically, it's on a small circular spire, next to a bigger spire.
4On the southern side of the Abbazia Di San Mercuriale on a wooden beam.
5On a wooden pole between two buildings and next to the blacksmith.
6At the top of a large circular spire on the eastern wall.
7Sitting on top of a chimney near the edge of the city.
8This feather is on the eastern wall. To be specific, it's on a wooden beam that's facing even further to the east.
9On a wooden pole partway up a cylinder tower.
10This one is on the remains of a broken dock.
11Behind a chapel on a wooden pole.
12High up on a wooden pole that is attached to the main building in the area.

Venice – Cannaregio District

1On a wooden pole looking over the water.
2In-between several buildings on a wooden beam.
3This one is directly above the water on a wooden pole.
4Similar to feather 2, this one is in an alleyway on a wooden beam.
5Atop a wooden beam that's attached to a platform.
6On top of a wooden structure that's holding a hanging platform.
7Above the street, on a wooden pole.
8On the tip of a blue and white pole that's sticking out of the water.
9Sitting on a brick archway high above the water.

Venice – San Polo District

1At the north side of the bridge, atop a tall pole that's holding up some flags.
2On top of a sign that's on the side of a building.
3Atop a pole that's above the river.
4In the river on the tip of a blue and white pole.
5This one is on a platform above the street.
6Above the street, sitting on a pole.
7Sitting on a wooden pole over the water.
8This feather is above the blacksmith on a long wooden beam.
9On another wooden pole above the water.

Venice – Dorsoduro District

1On the beam that's holding up a plant.
2Sitting on a beam above the water.
3This one is above the water, sitting on a pole.
4It's on a pole that's holding up some lights, high up in the air.
5On a platform, high above the ground.
6Below a window and atop a beam.
7Sitting on the mast of a docked ship.
8This feather is on a long white beam directly above an archway.
9Directly above a small garden on top of a pole.

Venice – San Marco District

1This one is on top of a white beam above some water.
2On a beam just north of the Santo Stefano.
3To grab this feather, you need to climb up to a balcony above the river and next to a bridge.
4Directly above the blacksmith's establishment, sitting on a beam.
5This one is atop a seemingly impenetrable building. Yet, you can get up the northeast side of it, where the feather is waiting atop a wooden structure that's holding a platform.
6This feather is another one that's on a pole above some water.
7On a balcony high up among the rooftops.
8At the tip of a pole that's sticking out of the river.
9It's on a wooden pole within an alleyway.

Venice – Castello District

1It's on a wooden pole that's between two platforms.
2Next to a hanging platform on a wooden pole.
3On a platform above the street.
4Use the northeast corner to get to the top of L'Arsnale's wall. Up there is a feather on a wooden beam.
5Another feather that's on a wooden pole. This one is next to a bridge.
6On the structure that covers a bridge.
7This feather is atop a wooden beam attached to the roof.
8High above the water, the feather is on a wooden structure.
9Up above the street, on a wooden pole.
10Slightly north of the tailors, on yet another wooden beam sticking out of a building.

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