As Dusk Falls Is A New Interactive Adventure Coming To Xbox Series X

During the Xbox Series X stream, the company showed a trailer for a debut game from a brand-new studio. As Dusk Falls is an interactive drama featuring lead talent from Quantic Dream.

The game is set in the American southwest, and tells a story of two families trapped as hostages in 1999 and how that impacts them over the course of decades. The new studio, Interior/Night, is headed by Caroline Marchal, whose credits include Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.

A cinematic trailer showed the incident, spoken in past-tense years later. It looks as if the game will be about the characters reconnecting in some way, as one says she received letters. A post on the Xbox blog introduces the game and some of its themes. Specifically, Marchal said it will touch on questions like, “Can you break free of the influence of a toxic, but loving, family?” and “Can you start over by moving home or changing jobs?”

As Dusk Falls was announced for Xbox Series X, without a mention of Xbox One.

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