Ark 2 Launching 2023

Ark 2 has a release window: 2023. The news comes alongside a new trailer, which just premiered at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase.

This is the best look at Ark 2 we've had since it was revealed at The Game Awards last year. It was shown off during Bethesda's section of the showcase, which also gave us updates on The Elder Scrolls: Online, Fallout 76, and Redfall.

The trailer doesn't show us any gameplay, but we do get a look at the new environments and characters. And with a release window of next year, it's likely that we'll get some more news later in 2022. Studio Wildcard still has a whole lot of time to get us hyped for the Ark sequel.

"Survive the past. Tame the future", reads the game's description over on YouTube. "Suddenly awakened on a primal world filled with dinosaurs and humans struggling for dominance, you must team-up with legendary heroes to confront powerful dark forces. Saddle up, and join the definitive next-gen survival experience with ARK 2!"

Other than that, it seems that the devs are remaining tight-lipped on the next Ark game.

While we don't have a specific release date, we already know it will be an Xbox and PC exclusive, as are all games from Xbox's subsidiaries. On top of this, it will be available to play on Game Pass on day one at no extra cost.

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