Arcadegeddon: 5 Beginner Tips

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  • Know What To Expect At The Start
  • Get Familiar With In-Game Rewards, Currencies, And Upgrades
  • Take Advantage Of Weapon Options
  • Focus On Completing Your Quest Objectives
  • Master In-Game Fights

Arcadegeddon is a vibrant and fast-paced third-person shooter that you can play on a solo mission or with friends. Rising in popularity, Arcadegeddon is free to play on Playstation 5 as of July 2022. It's also available on Playstation 4, PC, and Xbox (One, X, and S).

Your objective will be to save the game from viruses implanted by a mega-corporation. As you make your way up the levels, you will come across a variety of characters and gunfights. If you are getting started with this speedy, exciting shooter, make sure you're ready to blast through the adventures by equipping yourself with the tips below.

Know What To Expect At The Start

You will start in Gilly's Arcade. Here you will be able to tweak the look of your character to your liking, pick your abilities, and select your weapon skills. You won't have many options at the start, but will be able to upgrade as the game progresses.

Once you're done with your initial visit at Gilly's Arcade, you're ready to move forward and get immersed in the game. If you want to, you can pick your quest and start your first run. But it might be a wise choice to look around and get familiar with the game first.

Get Familiar With In-Game Rewards, Currencies, And Upgrades

In Arcadegeddon, you need to gain XP so that you can move up the randomly generated levels in the game. To gain XP quickly, you need to battle enemies, including bosses, and complete quests. You gain more XP when you perform particularly well. For example, by getting multiple kills in a battle and hitting headshots. Also, the higher your difficulty, the faster you'll level up. You can increase your difficulty at checkpoints throughout the game, by using your in-game Coins.

Plus, you can use Coins to heal yourself at Pay2Live stations, or buy weapons.

As you complete your runs, you will also earn Tickets. Tickets are one of the main currencies in Arcadegeddon. They are used for the visual appearance of your character. You can make adjustments like changing your character's clothing, weapon skins, and avatar.

On the other hand, Plugins are extra abilities that can be unlocked. This might include extra shields, HP, or damage utility. They allow you to strategically customise your gameplay. More Plugins unlock as you level up your character.

There are in-game Hacks available, too. If you find these and pick them up, you might use them to buff your abilities or receive a discount when you buy items. Open your Hacks menu when you want to check what hacks you've got.

Lastly, you will find Chests scattered on Arcadegeddon's maps (aka biomes). They will contain goodies like weapons, Coins, and Hacks. On each biome, you will also be able to destroy crates with loot. They might contain exciting items like the Chests, but these also have health and ammo. There are many crates scattered about on each map, so take your time to find and smash them.

Take Advantage Of Weapon Options

At the beginning of the game, you'll start by having two weapons on you. However, Arcadegeddon has a wide selection of short-range, long-range, and heavy-duty equipment, from the high-damage Light Gun to the accurate Power Surge. Don't miss out on the different experiences by not testing out every gun. Have a variety of weapon types equipped to best take advantage of their individual features. As you familiarise yourself with them, you will become used to creating custom loadouts.

Weapons will obtain XP as you use them. Needless to say, the more you use a weapon, the more XP it will gain. By getting enough, you can then upgrade your weapons. Your focus should be on upgrading to Legendary, as that level will make a whole lot of difference to gameplay. Again, multi-hits and headshots will boost the speed of upgrading your weapons. Your tickets can be used to change the weapons' cosmetic appearance, too.

As for ammo; there are guns that need ammo and guns that you can use infinitely without ammo being depleted. Buying an ammo box will fill up ammo for all your weapons.

Focus On Completing Your Quest Objectives

Before you go ahead to complete a run, interact with the in-game NPCs to find a quest that you like. There will be a few NPCs available, and each of them will offer a different adventure. Every quest will consist of a few challenges. Upon completion, you will gain XP.

When you accept a quest, it's best to finish all your objectives in one run. Your objectives must be fully completed to gain progress. Don't get distracted by the different elements and details of this fast-paced game. Instead, ensure that you're ticking those boxes and completing the activities required to move forward.

Master In-Game Fights

There are aspects of fighting that you can learn about to make your battle experience easier and more enjoyable. For example, use the sliding mechanic to move around quickly and do damage to any enemies you slide into. There are many others, so get familiar with the fighting tactics of the game.

As you level up, your boss Meter will progress until you become eligible for boss fights. To enter one, find the Boss Anomaly and destroy it. You won't miss it – it looks like a glowing neon-pink crystal. This will open up a portal called a Warp Hole that you can enter through. Upon completion, you'll receive a chest and obtain XP, as mentioned above.

Be careful, as unsuccessful boss fights could result in having to restart your entire playthrough.

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