Apple’s VR Headset Might Cost $3,000, According To New Report

Apple’s rumored VR headset might cost upwards of $3,000, according to a new report from The Information. The ultra-premium device will also allegedly feature 8k displays, offer both VR and AR capabilities, and run on a chipset more powerful than the current M1.

Bloomberg’s report last month meshes with the latest news, although Apple is yet to officially confirm any of the mysterious headset’s specs. The new report goes a step further than just rattling off a list of components – it also features a rendering based on internal images of a prototype. It looks similar to most VR headsets, although it’s noticeably missing the overhead strap – turning them into a high-tech pair of ski goggles.

Beyond the unofficial rendering and lucrative price, Apple’s VR headset is rumored to feature dual 8k displays, although the screen will adjust its resolution based on where you’re looking – saving power by lowering the resolution of sections in your periphery. That glorious 8k resolution is supposedly powered by a brand-new chipset that is more capable than the M1 chip seen in the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

The entire headset is an expensive experiment in the AR/VR space, with the end goal being a featherweight AR headset. That device is still a ways off, but the latest rumors indicate Apple wants this to be nearly identical to a normal pair of glasses. Based on the above render, it’s still got a lot of work to do – although the VR headset certainly looks less bulky than others currently on the market.

If Apple’s VR headset came to market with the above specs, it’d have incredibly small market appeal. While it no doubt boasts specs that put other standalone headsets to shame, its $3,000 price tag makes it a novelty item few would be keen to pick up. Apple would also have to shed the stigma that this headset is just a stepping stone for another product, as no one wants to drop thousands of dollars only for the device to become obsolete a few years later.

Apple is yet to comment on any of these rumors, but they seem more plausible with every new leak.

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