Apex Legends Dev Explains Why Loba Won’t Be Getting A Huge Buff

Apex Legends game designer Daniel Klein has explained why thieving legend Loba won’t be getting a huge buff any time soon. In a Reddit post detailing the Aftermarket Collection event patch notes, the developer replies to multiple fans asking for a boost to Loba’s abilities. Klein states that some legends are held back to maintain Apex’s place as a “gun game” and not a “character game.”

Loba joined the Apex Legends roster in May of this year, at the start of Season 5. Loba is a support legend, with a knack for scoping out the highest quality loot for her and her teammates. Her abilities allow her or her squad to see and collect all the best items in the area.

While Loba’s abilities seem to make her a valuable support for any squad, she seems to have been left out of the game’s current competitive meta. Fans of the teleporting thief want to see her buffed up to the top tier of legends.

On the Aftermarket event’s Reddit post, a fan calls for Loba’s tactical ability to receive a buff. Another Redditor comments that Respawn seems “afraid of making big legend changes,” and that when big changes do happen, “there’s always a big nerf attached to it.”

Respawn game designer Daniel Klein replies to this comment, explaining why big legend buffs are rare, and why Loba won’t be getting one. Klein states that he will try to boost Loba’s loot power in the next patch, but “the main reason we can’t just bring everyone up to Lifeline/Wraith/Pathfinder’s level […] is that we’re then stepping away from making a gun game and approaching making a character game.” Klein says that “character” games aren’t a bad thing, and names Overwatch as a comparable title.

“You can do serious damage to the fun of a game by making changes that individually don’t seem broken,” Klein continues. “Say we give Loba the ability to teleport quickly and silently and suddenly you’re losing fights not because the other team planned an ambush or executed better, but because they saw you and reacted to you by putting one of their members behind you.” Klein says updates like this would push the game’s combat to being “ability vs ability” rather than “gun vs gun.”

While Loba won’t be competing with Wraith or Lifeline for most valuable legend, she may still receive small buffs in the future. Respawn wants the game to be about player skill, and not character ability. 

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