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Bam-to-the-boozle. Mirage is one of the most experienced legends that roam the Apex Games, and his set of abilities have been in flux since the very beginning. Originally Mirage seemed, sadly, pointless, with a weak assortment of tricks that could easily be seen through, but with each subsequent update giving him a tiny adjustment that makes him more capable and powerful, and now, Mirage is one of the best legends in the game. Don’t believe me? Well, the facts will be written out below.

This man goes invisible to revive fellow legends, can entirely baffle a squad with his ultimate, has loads of simple holographic decoys to distract enemies with, and let’s not even get started with the absurd number of meta strategies you can spin out of his toolset – if you haven’t seen a Mirage player pretend to be a decoy, then you probably haven’t been playing Apex Legends for very long. For all of the neat tricks and tips you need to excel as a Mirage player, just read through our instructions below.

Mirage’s Abilities In Apex Legends

Mirage’s Tactical ability is Psyche Out, and it simply sends a holographic decoy running in the direction you choose. You point at a spot on the ground, and the decoy will hop over to that spot and stand there for as long as you want – or you can take control of it. You can make it do literally whatever you do, so you can tempt an enemy to shoot at it, instead of you, by taking control and them spamming crouch. The decoy will have 45 HP, meaning it’ll take more than one shot for most weapons to destroy it and break the illusion – on top of that, when it’s destroyed you’ll be alerted. You can’t send out more than one decoy at a time, and they will only last for 60 seconds. You can, however, send out decoys when dropping from the jumpship, allowing you to baffle opponents by making them think there are two or three teams dropping on them, instead of just you.

Mirage’s Passive ability is called Now You See Me… and this ability used to be useless. You would get knocked down, and a decoy would spawn, distracting enemies as you crawled away. Only this distraction works once, and only once. Luckily the ability has much more use in the game as it is now, as Mirage also disappears entirely – just goes invisible – when using a respawn beacon, or when reviving a teammate, which can be incredibly useful indeed. Unaware or panicked enemies will not take the time to notice you reviving when they struggle to see you from a distance.

But Mirage’s best ability has to be the Life of the Party Ultimate ability which spawns multiple decoys around him, which will all then copy your movements – except for shooting. This will baffled players, and should only be used when there are multiple enemies around you, and baffle-tactics are essential to get away. While the decoys are out you should attempt to act like a decoy, at least until you manage to escape to a safe distance.

Mirage’s Ideal Weapons In Apex Legends

Most Apex Legends characters have a lot of variability in their ideal weapons, depending on how you want to play them, but few more than Mirage. Mirage can easily get up close and cause chaos with his decoys, but if you’re better at playing coy (ha) then you can always fight at a distance. From far away, Mirage’s ability to disappear while healing his teammates is even more effective, as enemies will not know where you are unless they are using a thermal scope, or see where you are when you start healing.

So the question is, which kind of player are you? If you like being up-close, then SMGs, like the R-99, is a recommended weapon, alongside something slick and fast, like a Wingman. This combination will give you plenty of bullets to spray-and-pray with, in addition to the Wingman, which can deal high damage per-shot at any range.

If you’re a long-range fighter and you don’t want to get involved, you can still sends decoys towards your enemies from a distance, while shooting off your G7-Scout or a Longbow. Heck, you can even use the new 30-30 Repeater, which is making its debut in Apex Legends in Season 8. These longer-range weapons and sniper rifles are a pretty safe way to keep enemies at bay, just don’t let them sneak up on you without anything to defend yourself with at close range – unless you intend to immediately use your Ultimate ability and escape.

Mirage Tips And Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know In Apex Legends

Walk towards your enemies in a straight line, and then just stop and stand still. Sounds dumb, yes, but enemies won’t waste bullets and give away their position by shooting an obvious decoy. So sometimes you should just act as a decoy, duh. This is a fun way to mess with your enemies.

Controlling the decoy while doing something obvious is also good, such as crouch spamming, or running around a care package – eventually someone will take the bait and shoot, giving away their position.

I’ve already mentioned that Mirage disappears when healing a teammate, but in reality, enemies will be able to notice a faint glow coming from Mirage if they are within 5 metres of him. In addition, they should be able to hear the revive sound effect from that distance, meaning it’s not totally secure. However, if your team is working together you should be able to revive someone, even while out in the open, as long as one of your teammates is working on distraction tactics and suppressing fire on enemies. Enemies won’t shoot if they don’t see a clear shot, and Mirage is the master of not giving enemies a clear shot.

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