Analogue Pocket Now Lets You Play SNES Games On The Go

The Analogue Pocket, a handheld console created to allow people to play their old Game Boy cartridges, can now play SNES games too. That's thanks to a new core being added to the console and as you can see below, the results are about as great as you could possibly hope.

The video below showing how SNES games work on the Analogue Pocket, and explaining how it has been achieved, comes courtesy of Russ Crandall's Retro Game Corps (thanks, Gizmodo). While the Pocket was made with the intention of players using it with Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance cartridges, it has an additional FPGA which people can be used to add new cores allowing for games from other consoles to be played on it.

As you can see during the demonstration below, the SNES is far from the first retro console to get its own Pocket core. Developers have even created an adapter making it possible to play Game Gear cartridges on the console. Since the Pocket itself is about the size of a SNES cartridge, an adapter wasn't really an option.

Instead, you'll need to download ROMs onto a micro SD card and play the SNES games that way. As for how you can get the SNES core working on your own Pocket, Retro Game Corps has a tutorial attached to the video above explaining how to do it. Since it's unofficial and doesn't use cartridges, some of the Pocket's features, like the ability to switch screen filters to make the experience feel more authentic, won't be available.

If you don't have a Pocket on which you can play SNES games, don't despair. There's a growing library of NES, SNES, N64, and Mega Drive games available through NSO. The only problem with doing things that way is you can only play the ones Nintendo adds to the NSO library. There are also no Game Boy titles available, although apparently there will be eventually.

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