Amouranth Is Quitting OnlyFans And Has Made A Large Content Investment In Twitch

Some big changes are incoming for Amouranth and her fans. The streamer has announced that she will stop being an e-girl immediately, and also quit OnlyFans in June – that's a big name for the platform to lose. It seems she will be building on the content that she puts up on Twitch via a big monetary investment made towards content on the platform.

"End of an era. It's time to stop being an e-girl cold turkey and quit 0nly Fans [OnlyFans] in June," she tweeted. "First up, I just made a $350,000 – $400,000 investment in content on Twitch. You are all invited , will announce at end of week".

Amouranth continued to explain her decision in the tweet thread, saying that she's been thinking of a career pivot for a while now and backing it up with a number of investments in various industries. Last year she bought two gas stations as some sort of tax saving investment. She explained the process via her tweets, but not everyone was convinced that it was a good investment. In January of this year, she went all in on the hot-tub meta and bought a company that makes pool toys.

"Time, muscles and dinero behind the efforts," continued the tweet thread. "I’m making a big investment in content that’s different than anything I’ve ever made. We’re moving “influencer” and “creator economy” into what is traditionally the domain and competency of legacy media. Big fixed costs, big risk, & bigger budgets forthcoming. This is only the beginning (or the beginning of the end of me disappearing from online)."

She then posted a poll asking her audience if they've got her back. Unfortunately, the poll ended with 56.5 percent choosing "Lol RIP", while the rest chose the "Me" option. But something tells us that Amouranth will land on her feet.

She ended the thread with a message to fellow content creators, telling them that if they're interested in learning about the kind of investments she made and becoming tax efficient, she'd be happy to make an introduction. "Diversifying a bit away from your bread and butter is cool".

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