Alien: Isolation Dev Is Working On New Sci-Fi FPS

Creative Assembly, known for the Total War series and Alien: Isolation, is developing a new multiplayer sci-fi FPS set entirely in a new world. The developers have been working on the project for the last four years.

The studio has yet to officially introduce their unannounced shooter, yet the studio shared a few details in a recent issue of Edge Magazine (via GamesRadar). The project seemingly has nothing to do with Alien, and is in fact a new IP that will have a "drive for attention to detail and authenticity."

"It's our new IP, and it's a world that we're creating, and of course we're wringing our hands over it and we really want to get that right," chief product officer Rob Bartholomew said. "We want to understand what authenticity in a blue ocean or an open sky looks like, when you've got a blank page in front of you."

Most curious here is that despite the project being Creative Assembly's own IP and a completely new world, the team said the game commits to "understanding the source material." While no further explanation was provided by the devs for now, there are already some clues floating around the web.

Back in 2021, Creative Assembly showed the first teaser image for this unannounced game, full of references to various Sega properties, such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Company of Heroes, Virtua Racing, Super Monkey Ball, and Jet Set Radio. If the studio's new IP is somehow featuring familiar elements from other iconic games in a brand-new world, this could possibly explain the confusing phrase for "understanding the source material."

The Alien: Isolation team has been busy with the mysterious game since 2018, meaning it may finally be ready to unveil the project to the public soon. Hopefully, we'll get to see this intriguing project by the end of 2022.

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