Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. And Terminator Star Gabriel Luna Joins HBO’s The Last Of Us As Tommy

HBO’s The Last of Us adaptation found itself a Joel and Ellie earlier this year with Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey respectively, but now, it has just been announced that Terminator antagonist and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. hero Gabriel Luna will be playing Joel’s brother, Tommy.

He played the devilish avenger Ghost Rider in the hit Marvel television series, so he’s no stranger to morally grey characters, and while he doesn’t look an awful lot like the games’ Tommy, fans are already pointing out that he is a great choice to compliment Pascal as his fictional brother.

Tommy, in the games, had a fairly different path to Joel. While Joel ended up scavenging, barely getting by, and taking conspicuous jobs for some scraps – leading to him being hired to escort Ellie cross-country – Tommy wanted to do something more meaningful with his life, and so he joined up with the Fireflies, a rebellion against the military occupation that sprouted up following the outbreak of undead hordes that ravaged America.

He even appeared in the sequel, and the show is set to expand upon the first game and bleed into the second over the course of several series, so Gabriel Luna’s joining is a long-term investment, but he’s unlikely to appear as a series regular, at least not at first. That original debut from Naughty Dog was much more about Joel and Ellie on the road, with the odd character appearance here and there.

With this announcement, the cast comes closer and closer to completion, but we still don’t know just who is playing Sarah, Tess, Robert, Marlene, Bill, Henry, Sam, Maria, James, or David. For now, in the coming months, we’ll have to sit by patiently and wait as the roster rears its head towards its completion.

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