After 15 Years, 2D Metroid Prime Fan Project Releases Playable Demo

How long has it been since you’ve thought about Metroid Prime? The game was originally released back in November 2002. Shockingly enough, almost 20 years after this game hit the market and after 15 years of development, some die hard fans have just released their 2D demo version of this game.

For whatever reason, a group of developers felt inspired to remake Metroid Prime as a 2D side-scroller as opposed to the 3D original. They began their work back in 2004, and they’re building the entire game with their own engine.

The team wants it to be known through the demo that they’re making sure to include Prime-specific equipment in their 2D game. It’s awesome that even though they’re changing up the style, they’re still working to make the game true to its original in ways.

Luckily, one of the developers stated that, despite how long this process has taken so far, development has picked up in recent years. It makes sense that this project has taken such a long time, given that all the work done on it is through volunteers.

What’s more concerning is that it would seem almost inevitable that Nintendo is going to take legal action against these developers, given Nintendo’s history of squashing similar projects. This 2D Metroid Prime is an awesomely creatively project that many would enjoy, but more than likely, that 15 years of work is going to be shut down entirely. This is especially likely considering that another Metroid fan project was already shut down back in 2016.

We still don’t have much of an idea when the newest Metroid game, Metroid Prime 4, will be releasing. Retro Studios took over and restarted the project from scratch back in 2019. This made many fans happy, since Retro Studios had done the first three installments of Metroid Prime, but this also undoubtedly moved the release date much farther into the future.

Not much else has been said on the new game, though we do have at least one person at TheGamer who, more than anything, just hopes the new Metroid game is not open world…

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