Ace Angler: Fishing Spirits – Arcade Mode Guide

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Ace Angler + takes after the arcade game that Ace Angler: Fishing Spirits originated from. So, if you've played other game modes, such as Legend of the Poisonous Seas, you'll notice similar core mechanics. You cast your line, reel in your catch, and strike your catch with thunderbolts to wear it down. However, Ace Angler + has a handful of extra details to remember.

It's vital to remember that Ace Angler + functions like an arcade attraction, meaning it costs medals to play and rewards medals when you win. Therefore, it's a bit of a gamble. However, if you understand the rules and nuances of this mode, we can guarantee you'll leave Ace Angler + with more medals than you came in with. Here's everything you need to know.

The Rules

  • You Need Medals To Play: If you wish to play Ace Angler +, you must first deposit medals into the machine with the Y button. Then, you'll use these medals for various functions in the game. Finally, you can bank medals by pressing the X button.
  • Choose A Fishing Rod: Unlike other Ace Angler modes, arcade mode requires you to choose a rod before you cast. Each rod has a higher proficiency but costs progressively more to use.
    • Normal Rod: This rod is low-quality, best for small fish, and costs three medals.
    • Super Rod: This rod is slightly better, accommodating Super-class fish or lower, and costs five medals.
    • Ultra Rod: This rod can catch a wide variety of fish, with higher success on Mega-class fish or lower. It costs ten medals.
    • Legend Rod: This rod has a significantly better chance of bagging Monster-class fish. It costs fifteen medals.
    • Devil Rod: This is the strongest rod in the game. We recommend this rod for bouts against special classes, like Gold Monsters, Evil Monsters, and Legends. It costs twenty medals.
  • Line Casting And Reeling Your Line: Line casting works the same as other Ace Angler modes. When a fish bites your line, you can reel them as usual. However, each thunderbolt you use costs an additional medal.
  • Catch Fish And Win Medals: If you bag your catch, you'll win a medal reward. Of course, higher-class fish have higher payouts.
  • End Your Game To Cash Out: Ace Angler + continues until you decide to finish your game. Once you feel like tapping out, open the pause menu and select End Game. Then, any deposited medals you did not use will get added to your total.
  • Special Thunderbolts

    There are two unique thunderbolts you can access in Ace Angler +:

    • Ultra Thunderbolts: After collecting five Ultra Stones, your next five bolts will become high-damage ultra thunderbolts​.
    • Super Thunderbolt Bonus Time: Catching fish fills a super gauge at the bottom of the screen. Once the gauge reaches MAX, you'll enter Super Thunderbolt Bonus Time, enabling flame thunderbolts for a short period at no cost.

    Daily Missions

    Ace Angler + casts three missions for you to complete each day. These daily missions reward special items, medals, and tickets upon completion. Furthermore, there are game achievements for reaching benchmark mission totals.

    Some examples of Daily Missions you'll come across include catching a quota of specific-class fish, casting a set number of thunderbolts, or using a specific rod enough times.

    Besides daily missions, you'll also encounter occasional spontaneous missions. These missions are confined to short periods but offer significant medal rewards upon completion.

    Special Items

    There are two special items you can utilize in Ace Angler +.

    • Fish-Summoning Bait: Activating this bait summons the respective rod's fish to attack the fish on your line. Like ultra thunderbolts, these attacks deal significant damage.
    • Rainbow Bobber: Activate a rainbow bobber before you cast your line to lure a rainbow fish into biting your line. If you catch a rainbow fish, you'll receive a medal bonus. In addition, whether you reel in the rainbow fish or not, rainbow bobbers grant an Ultra Stone after use.

    Special Stages

    Besides regular stages, like the Coral Reef or Deep Sea Ruins, there are special stages in Ace Angler + that get triggered by meeting certain conditions.

    • Legend Stages: Legend stages are unique levels featuring rare fish with higher medal payouts. Each stage gets triggered by collecting five pearls of a specific color. For example:
      • Primordial Sea Stage: A stage featuring long-extinct sea creatures. Collect five red pearls to activate.
      • Palace Of The Dragon King: A stage featuring regal sea creatures. Collect five blue pearls to activate.
      • Secret Deep Sea Base Stage: A stage featuring mecha sea creatures. Collect five silver pearls to activate.
      • Dragon's Den Stage: A stage featuring mythical dragon creatures. Collect five gold pearls to activate.
    • Phantom Stages: Phantom stages are high-difficulty boss battles activated by catching a red key fish. These stages include:
      • Frozen Coral Reef Stage: Catch a key fish from the Coral Reef stage to advance to this battle.
      • Sunken Ship After Dark Stage: Catch a key fish from the Sunken Ship stage to advance to this battle.
      • Floating City Stage: Catch a key fish from the Blue Hole stage to advance to this battle.
      • Crystal Cave Stage: Catch a key fish from the Rocky Stretch stage to advance to this battle.
      • Ephemeral Maelstrom Stage: Catch a key fish from the Frog Pond stage to advance to this battle.
      • Toxic Fountain Stage: Catch a key fish from the Poison Flowerbed stage to advance to this battle.
      • Space Stage: Catch a key fish from the Ocean Abyss stage to advance to this battle.
      • Collaboration Stages: Crossover levels featuring characters from other games or IPs. Once unlocked, they'll occasionally appear in the stage rotation.
        • Don-Chan Stage: This level features Don-Chan and Ka-Chan from the Taiko no Tatsujin series dressed in fun costumes.
        • Gindaco Stage: This level features Takobo, the mascot of Japan's most popular takoyaki chain restaurant, Gindaco.
        • Competition Stages: Competitions regularly activate throughout the day, allowing you to defeat CPU opponents and earn high medal prizes. After adding the competition stage upgrade, a timer on the upper-left corner of the screen will indicate when the next competition will occur.
        • The Fish Medal List

          While aiming for high-class fish provides big payouts, you'll also get rewarded for filling each stage's Fish Medal List. The Fish Medal List categorizes every species in each Ace Angler + stage. Catching every fish in a category rewards twenty-five medals and one ticket, and catching every fish species in a single stage rewards one rare ticket.

          Additionally, if you unlock the Encyclopedia Of Unfortunate Animals, you'll receive medal payouts for catching the encyclopedia's historically unlucky fish. These catches reward fifteen medals per species. There are twenty-seven unfortunate animals to catch in total.

          How To Upgrade Your Machine

          One significant part of Ace Angler + is the vast number of stages you can play! If you spend enough time farming medals, you can spend those medals on upgrading your machine, thus adding new stages, modes, and higher-class fish.

          To upgrade your machine, enter Machine Development. Machine upgrades unlock progressively, so you cannot decide what upgrades you want, cart blanche. Instead, you must earn each upgrade to progress to future upgrades. For example, you must complete fifteen prior upgrades to unlock the Rocky Stretch stage.

          How To Buy New Rods

          As you progress through machine upgrades and unlock new stages, new rods will become available in the shop. You can equip up to five rods at once, ranging from Normal to Devil rank. Each rod will summon the fish associated with it. So, the Megalodon Rod summons a Megalodon when activated, etc.

          First, enter the Rod Shop and purchase rods with medals. Then, equip your new rods by entering the Equip Rod menu. Remember that if you play Ace Angler + with multiple players, they'll all equip the same rods.

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