A Forspoken Demo Could Be Announced Alongside New Gameplay Trailer

PlayStation recently announced an upcoming 11-minute gameplay trailer for Square Enix’s ARPG, Forspoken. Now, according to a post by PlayStation Japan, we might also get a demo announcement for the same alongside the trailer.

As reported by VGC, PlayStation Japan tweeted a photo of an upcoming “Demo announcement trailer”, which has since been deleted. However, they weren’t quick enough to do so since fans already took screenshots which are now making the rounds on social media. This means a demo will most likely be announced during the reveal.

Apart from the demo announcement, there is an interesting detail fans noticed in the short teaser video which could tell us more about the game’s story. It shows Frey Holland, the protagonist of the game, back in New York, with her powers intact. The reason this is interesting is that Frey gains her powers once she is transported to the mystical realm of Athia and is trying to return home. This teaser proves that not only will she be able to go back but will also keep her powers in some capacity.

From everything we have seen so far, Forspoken’s combat promises to deliver a fast-paced action experience. It also has a combo grading system similar to that of Devil May Cry. For instance, if you hit an enemy with the right combo when they are critically wounded, you get bonus points and eventually a higher grade. You can also achieve the same by evading attacks skillfully. However, if you end up missing targets or using the wrong spells, you get a lower grade.

Forspoken will also be one of the fastest-loading games ever on PC. This is possible thanks to Microsoft’s DirectStorage tech which loads the game in 1.7 seconds on an M2 SSD compared to 19.9 seconds on a regular HDD.

The game has already seen multiple delays, which is not entirely bad as fans wouldn't want to see a buggy launch or an unfinished game. Hopefully, this time, we will finally get to play the game once it releases on January 24, 2023.

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