A Doom Gameplay Programmer Is Remaking Pokemon Red And Blue In Unity

Few things can conjure Pokemon nostalgia like someone digging up Red and Blue for a fun passion project. Even if nowadays those games can be a bit cumbersome to play, the real magic lies in finding new ways to do so, just ask the Pokemon Trainers over on Twitter, or check out the new creation in Unity from a developer on Doom.

Whether it’s the challenge of embarking on an unnecessarily hard Nuzlocke run or any of the other Pokemon fan-made challenges to spice up a new playthrough, there are plenty of flavors besides Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee if one is to take a trip back to Kanto. But what happens when a talented developer from a triple-A game of the year nominee like Doom Eternal decides to dig deep inside his childhood memories to bring back Red and Blue with a more modern spin to it?

Well, that’s exactly what id Software game dev Mark Diaz is up to right now, after starting to work on his own Unity-based remake of Pokemon Red and Blue all by himself just a few days ago. Diaz claims his progress in these early drafts for Pallet Town and Route 1 comes after only three or four nights of work, but regardless of that the result is actually quite stunning and would definitely make for a completely new Pokemon experience.

Diaz has documented his work process, posting pictures that compare the original Route 1 against his new concept for it, making some slight changes, though he claims his first mockups were done using mostly what he remembered from scratch. To achieve this impressive result Diaz used assets made by fellow game dev Kenney (@KenneyNL on Twitter), who selflessly creates public domain game assets everyone in the world can use in order to encourage indie development.

For all those wondering what plans Diaz has for this project, fearing he might be getting a cease and desist from Nintendo’s lawyers soon, he’s already made clear he has no intention whatsoever of releasing his work so far or even completing the full game. In fact, there aren’t even any Pokemon present in his current build, just one lonely Poke Ball item lying on the grass.

So while there will be no “Pokemon Unity”, with new Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes coming later this year and the even more exciting Legends Arceus already lined up for 2022, fans of the franchise have plenty to look forward to. There’s even something coming soon for those more inclined to remember Pokemon’s past greatness, so don’t forget Pokemon Snap’s release is only a few weeks away.

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