A Complete Guide To Dating In Harvest Moon: One World

Harvest Moon: One World is Natsume’s latest attempt at taking on the Story of Season series. Once upon a time, Natsume published Story of Season under the Harvest Moon name. When the company lost the right to the series, though, they decided to produce their own series of farming sims. One World is their most ambitious project yet, and many players were taken in by the creative designs of the marriage candidates.

There are major differences in what it takes to woo the candidates, and it’s easy to get turned around when trying to go through the multiple-step process that eventually leads to marriage.

The Candidates

There are a total of ten candidates in the game and two per town. Here is a list of candidates in order of when you will meet them.

  • Braden – Calisson
  • Gabrielle – Calisson
  • Kanoa – Halo Halo
  • Ahina – Halo Halo
  • Jamil – Pastilla
  • Malika – Pastilla
  • Laura – Lebkuchen
  • Tristan – Lebkuchen
  • Sami – Salmiakki
  • Krisi -Salmiakki

Players should note that there is no gay marriage in the game. For those hoping to romance the same-sex, they will need to pick the opposite gender avatar at the beginning of the game. In addition to these ten characters, a DLC town is coming to the game in March that will introduce two new candidates.

  • Shogen – Wagashi
  • Sana – Wagashi

This update pack is currently set to launch in late March so that players can meet both Shogen and Sana quickly.

Giving Gifts

The bread and butter of making candidates fall in love with you is by showering them with gifts and speaking with them daily. Players can relax a bit as the game tells you what each character loves and hates. Jamil for example loves goat milk and will gain affection quickly even if the player just gifts him regular cow’s milk. The player simply needs to use the player’s love and their job to determine the gifts that will win their hearts.

For players that like quickly boosting points, there are always requests flowing in from the candidates. These requests will require players to grow or gather simple ingredients. These requests can usually be completed quickly as characters like Ahina request simple things like a couple of pieces of palm lumber. Dateable characters will constantly mail the player requests as they are completed, and gifts can be given daily.

After about a month of in-game time, the character should be maxed out. Keep in mind that players can also ask their love interest out to the flower festival for an extra point bump once a year.

Expanding Your Home

This is where things are going to really start to get complicated. Getting five hearts with characters is easy, and heart events trigger by simply talking with or walking up to characters. Getting them to move into your home is a whole other story. You need to upgrade your house twice, which is incredibly expensive. The first upgrade alone requires 70,000G and for players to find Titanium. Titanium doesn’t really show up until you get to the fourth village.

The first house upgrade flows pretty naturally with the player’s current game progress and money needs. It’s the second upgrade that will reveal that the player will need to spend dozens of hours playing the game to even get remotely close to marriage. Here are the steps to access the second house upgrade:

  • Revive The Harvest Goddess
  • Get a Quest From Doc For Two Adamite
  • Gather Ebony Lumber and Adamite
  • Earn 350,000G

The second house upgrade is insanely expensive, and finding adamite in the first place will force players to fully upgrade their tools. Adamite seems to be found at floor 61 plus of the lebkuchen mine. This can take hours to get through as every floor gets bigger than the last, and the material is rare. The Ebony Lumber is also hard to get as it only grows in a small area above the Harvest Goddess Spring and takes a lengthy amount of time to regrow. Luckily, this is probably the same amount of time it would take to get anywhere close to the massive 350,000G payment.

Once players do manage to upgrade their house, they then must focus on getting a double bed. To do this, you will need to wrap up all your current quests for doc before being given the option to build new furniture once again.

Getting The Blue Feather

This is the easiest part of marriage. After completing the game and watching the credits, a new quest will pop-up introducing you to the bluebird. Players simply need to follow the bluebird to the ruined marriage hall. The bird will request that the player restore the area, and once they have, the bluebird will award them with a feather.

This feather is automatically placed in the player inventory and can’t be presented like normal. Instead, the game will present the feather to a maxed-out marriage candidate after the house and bed upgrades are complete and the candidate is spoken with.

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