8 Things Only Pro Players Know You Can Do In Saints Row

In the Saints Row reboot, there are plenty of tricks and hidden secrets that players have discovered only after putting significant time into the game. Many of these tricks are discovered by fidgeting around with different parts of the game, like vehicles, perks, skills, and the title’s controls.

However, you will never find many of these unless you spend time trying everything. And, if you do see some of these, you may be prone to passing over them for other methods that are just good enough. But, specifically, these points are things that only pro players do or know that you can do in the Saints Row reboot.

8 Eurekabator Criminal Venture

One of the first 100,000 criminal ventures you should unlock is the Euekabator venture, where you are given tasks to unlock powerful gadgets. The gadgets that you’re able to unlock are some of the most overpowered things in the game. You’ll constantly be using them for combat and challenges, making these tools essential in your inventory.

The hoverboard is the first unlockable. It’s a flying board that you can’t be knocked off of, you can go over land and water, and you can slam into the ground, killing people and destroying cars. The next unlock is the completely broken and overpowered Quantum Aperature. It takes walling in video games to a new level by letting you see through walls and shoot your enemies. And lastly, the Thrust Buster is an instant kill weapon that you attach to enemies, sending them flying off into the sky.

7 Fast Travel Points

When first playing or starting a new game, one of the first things you need to do when playing is going around the map and unlocking all the fast travel points. In total, there are eight places you can fast travel from; Two are the HQ and Saints Tower, while the rest are scattered in each corner of the map.

This is important because you will be given many missions that are always far away from your current location. Until you unlock vehicle service in the contacts menu, it’s necessary to travel around. The fast travel points are Cactus Bill in Lakeshore South, Bear Lake in Marina West, Lone Wolf in Badlands South, El Dorado, Twin Coyotes in Rojas Desert North, and finally, Panther Rock in West Providencia.

6 Completing Threats

Threats are utterly underrated in the Saints Row reboot due to the seemingly lack of rewards for completing them. In the previous Saints Row games, you were given immediate rewards for clearing threats that would increase cash, respect, and district control.

However, in the reboot, they give a small amount of cash and exp. The game doesn’t tell you until you complete every threat in a district and have a criminal venture placed in that district because it increases the income you gain significantly. One of the other benefits is that most of these threats are simple to beat, and after defeating them, you lose all notoriety that you gained or already had.

5 Best Vehicles To Use

Vehicles are plentiful throughout the game, with plenty of abilities to unlock by completing vehicle challenges and just driving around. However, only a few are helpful as most of the time you won’t be driving in vehicles you want to use anyway. The best ones by far are vehicles with infinite boost abilities.

The Bucket is an easy-to-get vehicle that is fast, durable, and has infinite boost. And, for the best infinite boost vehicle in the game, it has to be the Attrazione, the fastest car in the game, making this the best vehicle to use. However, cars have limitations, so helicopters are better overall for traversing areas easily. The best way is to get them from the Saints HQ or the giant boot.

4 Fast Learning Perk

One of the best perks that you should unlock as soon as possible, even if you won’t need to use it until later. The Fast Learner park is unlocked after completing 13 challenges. It’s best to get this early in the game so you can gain exp fast and efficiently to get all the flow, skills, and health upgrades.

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The best way to do this is to do the most straightforward challenges that are available early on, like buying clothes from different shops, discovering new locations, stealing vehicles, and killing enemies. You can also do some of the vehicle trick challenges, but most likely, you’ll need nitro and off-roading upgrades on your vehicles, which isn’t necessarily available that early in the game.

3 Upgrading Weapons

There are plenty of weapons in the Saints Row reboot that are entirely new to this game. However, some of the returning ones are also ironically some of the best to purchase and upgrade. And the reason for this being is that most weapons are useless compared to two different categories of firearms.

SMGs and ARs are the best weapons in the entire game. Early on, it’s crucial to upgrade the weapons that do the most damage against armored enemies and have the most ammo. The D4TH Blossom, TEK Z-10, and 1921 Johnson are all excellent choices for SMGs, and the Safari AR is perfect for killing any enemy in one shot.

2 KATS Missions

The KATS radio criminal venture is one of the worst ventures in the whole experience — except for the amount of money it provides. In terms of completing it, you must defeat waves of enemies until you get five stars and defeat the miniboss. But defeating these missions, especially the Marshall one, is incredibly dull and difficult to do because the game sends constant reinforcements with perfect aim.

However, there is a solution for doing this, and it has to do with a tank and a towing cable. Normally, when driving a tank through the city, every single person is scared to death; however, by using a towing cable, no one bats an eye when you pull up with a tank. These KATS missions become a walk in the park, and you have no chance of losing in the process, making this an easy assignment to complete after all.

1 Doing Tricks

Tricks are one of the most unexplained things in Saints Row, with the controls not reflecting how to do them, challenges asking for specific things without explaining how to do them, and new abilities that aren’t explained. On the console, many players know how to spin their vehicle, but on mouse and keyboard, there is no key in the controls section. By the way, you hold CTRL and then use WASD.

However, there is one important use for doing tricks, and that is completing most of the challenges or unlocking certain vehicle upgrades. To do a front or backflip, you hold CTRL and then W or S. To do a barrel roll, you hold CTRL then A or D (you need to hold CTRL or else you’ll just spin around without rolling), and wingsuit jumping can only be completed in a fully moving fast vehicle.

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