8 Of The Biggest Gaming Spoilers That Everyone Knows Now

Spoilers are generally something you want to avoid. While some don't mind them, most players hate hearing about a shocking twist or major character death for a game they're playing or planning to play.

Of course, the amount of disappointment depends on the game. For instance, hearing that Mario saves Peach in the latest Super Mario game is hardly going to dampen your experience, but hearing some story details regarding a Red Dead Redemption title can be problematic. However, there are several giant spoilers in gaming that are so well-known that nobody cares if you let them slip. These are a few of the best examples.

8 Big Boss Is The Leader Of Outer Heaven (Metal Gear)

One of the most trustworthy individuals in a video game is the person talking to you through a headset or earpiece. For instance, Anya from Gears Of War and Joker from Mass Effect seldom let you down. Their sole purpose during missions is to provide intel and give instructions.

This is why, in the original Metal Gear, it's all the more shocking that Big Boss proves to be the main villain all along. Before that reveal, you'd just been following almost all his instructions. Those who play the game these days will be less surprised, considering everyone knows that Big Boss is a villain in those early titles.

7 GLaDOS Is Evil And The Cake Was A Lie (Portal)

Throughout the original Portal, the hilarious GlaDOS serves as your guide for each test chamber. The AI is a little rude, but she does provide plenty of help. And she even promises a cake at the end of all the tests.

There are many indications that the cake is a lie. Yet, it still might not convince you that GlaDOS is actually evil. What does convince you of her wicked intent is her attempts to use the cake to lead you into a pit of fire. The "cake is a lie" phrase has become so popular that even people who haven't played the game know GlaDOS isn't as helpful as she initially seems.

6 "Our Princess Is In Another Castle" (Super Mario Bros.)

The original Super Mario Bros. makes it appear that the first castle is the last level of the game. After all, you have finally reached and defeated Bowser by chucking him into lava. So, surely, you just have to get to the princess and escort her to safety, right?

Well, it's a little more complicated than that, as the princess is not there. This is when Toad delivers one of the most famous video game quotes ever by saying, "Our princess is in another castle." The fame of the line means everyone knows about this twist now.

5 John Marston Is Shot To Death (Red Dead Redemption)

Red Dead Redemption is all about John Marston apprehending his former gang members so the government will give him his family back. Therefore, it's a little concerning when you've done all that, but the game continues. It doesn't help that the hero dying in a western is pretty common.

And that's exactly what happens, as the government sees John as a loose end and guns him down as a result. It's one of the most shocking and heartbreaking deaths in gaming history. It leaves such an impact that the gaming world has been talking about and referencing the incident ever since.

4 Albert Wesker Is A Villain (Resident Evil)

At the beginning of Resident Evil, the talented S.T.A.R.S Alpha team find themselves locked inside a creepy mansion filled with zombies. While playing through the game, you begin to suspect that your presence in the house isn't accidental. Then the leader of your squad, Albert Wesker, reveals that he is partially behind the whole sinister plot.

Just from looking at the guy, you would probably expect him to be a villain, but it was surprising at the time. Nobody will get fooled by him again, though, as he's now among the most well-known evil doers in gaming.

3 Raiden Is The Main Protagonist (Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty)

The identity of the main protagonist isn't usually a spoiler. But the Metal Gear series does things differently. As such, in the build-up to Metal Gear Solid 2, everyone expected to play through the game as Solid Snake. After all, he'd been the protagonist of the previous titles and is the main character of MGS2's opening Tanker chapter. Yet, once you get to the Plant chapter, you switch to Raiden.

This incident is very famous because of the backlash it received, as the new character Raiden wasn't popular at the time. As such, the protagonist switch is one of the things this game is most known for despite being a classic stealth title.

2 Sephiroth Kills Aerith (Final Fantasy 7)

Final Fantasy 7 is regarded as one of the best entries in the long-running series. It is, however, also one of the saddest due to the scene where Sephiroth leaps down and stabs Aerith while Cloud watches helplessly. The girl then dies in the hero's arms in what is an excellently executed emotional moment.

So excellent, in fact, that it's one of the most famous deaths in gaming history. Almost anyone with at least a passing interest in gaming has heard about this scene. Its fame is helped by the fact that good storytelling in the industry was still hard to find in those days. That's not to take anything away from the moment, as it remains iconic all these years later.

1 Samus Is A Woman (Metroid)

While powerful female protagonists aren't too hard to find in gaming nowadays, that wasn't always the case. In the early years of gaming, they were mainly damsels in distress and rarely did much besides being saved.

This is why several of the endings to the original Metroid are so iconic, as, before the credits roll, Samus takes off her helmet to reveal that she is a woman. It was such a monumental scene that the gaming world has never forgotten it. And it will probably be remembered forever, as Samus was a trailblazer for heroines in gaming.

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