10 Relatable Things We All Do In PowerWash Simulator

Futurlab and Square Enix Collective’s PowerWash Simulator has captured the hearts of satisfaction-seekers everywhere. Spray grime into oblivion with customizable pressure washers and earn money while you ignore texts from your friends and neighbors. Investigate the mysteries of the small island where the game takes place and more.

With how many people there are enjoying PowerWash Simulator, there are bound to be habits and hiccups that most players are sharing with each other. It’s time to say “me too, thanks,” and take a look at some of the relatable things every PowerWash Sim player does. Everyone’s about to get called out.

10 Conserving The Imaginary Water

Of course, we don’t need to be told that PowerWash Simulator is a game and it’s not happening in the real world. However, immersion tends to get the best of everyone and you might find yourself making sure you’re cutting that water off when you’re not using it.

You don’t want to waste a precious resource just firing water blasts at an already clean surface. It’s nice to build good habits wherever you go, even if that water you’re saving only exists in the virtual world. And hey, there are challenge modes with limited water, so you'll be that much more prepared.

9 Forgetting To Change Nozzles

Watching the muck and mud wash away with every pass of the pressure washer can be hypnotizing. So much so that you forget about the other, more suitable nozzles that you could be using for the job.

There’s no feeling like spending 30 minutes doing a job with the 15-degree nozzle, and then realizing that you could have totally busted out the wider nozzles and gotten it over with already. It’s okay, though, because power washing is all about the journey, not the destination.

8 High Powered Muck-Doodling

The zero-degree nozzle comes in handy for stuck-on moss and rust, but also makes a great tool for leaving your artistic imprint into the filth in front of you. Whether you’re writing naughty words or drawing watery designs into the mud, you’re definitely messing around with the doodling possibilities this game inadvertently gives you.

As a bonus, it’s a lot more sanitary than playing around in mystery mud to make art in real life. Maybe even just as fun and satisfying. Leave a message while you're friends aren't looking, and let them find it later.

7 I Don’t Need Your Stinking Glow Dirt…

Pressing the tab key when you haven’t finished a job gives you a big and obvious hint as to where the rest of your duties are. While having every remaining piece of dirt glow for you where you can see it is convenient, you might find yourself trying not to use it.

Who needs hints? You’re the monarch of power washing, you don’t need a hint! Okay, maybe just this once, because this house has been at 99 percent for an hour. That last window frame is here somewhere.

6 Avoiding Climbing At All Costs

Carrying around a bunch of ladders and scaffolding and then trying to find a good spot to place them in takes up a lot of time. That precious time could be better-spent power washing your arms off up on top of the roof.

There are a number of ways to vertically advance on most of the levels, but sometimes there’s just no avoiding busting out the professional equipment. You may have an unreasonably high vertical leap in this game, but it’s no match for a sheer wall.

5 Is That Volcano Still There?

The intermittent rumbling sounds can get unnerving after a while. Is it thunder, or is it the looming and seemingly active volcano that’s visible on half the PowerWash Simulator maps? It could even be something else cryptic and otherworldly entirely if the national park map is explored.

Either way, the urge to keep that volcano in your sights at all times isn’t an easy one to overcome. Rest assured that you’re perfectly safe today, but what of the soot-covered region’s past? Spooky.

4 Follow That Cat!

Throughout the various maps, with the exception of the vehicles you clean in your own garage, a set of cat prints can be seen in some areas. We’ve all followed the kitty trail, even if we know it’s just going to end in disappointment. There’s still hope.

At least you get to see the route that a passing neighborhood cat took on its way through the muck like nothing was even happening. This adventurous and elusive cat doesn’t seem to have a care in the world, it’s got places to be.

3 Clean Something, But For Real

It’s easy to get that itch for tidying when doing it virtually, or binging shows about cleaning up and getting rid of clutter. PowerWash Simulator might remind you of the things in your own home that could use a good scrub, and motivate you to get to it.

If you’re among those fortunate enough to own your own real-life pressure washer, maybe you’re getting that strong urge to go outside and fire it up. That deck has been looking a little grimy, after all.

2 Stare Straight Into The Sun

Video games give us the ability to do some things we wouldn’t normally be able to do out here in the real world. Like seeing what the sun really looks like, because otherwise, it would burn your eyes. Or, more accurately, seeing what different game developers think the sun should look like in their own game.

Also, for a while after the launch of PowerWash Simulator, however, staring at the sun for longer than you should yielded some interesting and consequential results. Now that’s some good immersion.

1 No Soap, Only Blast

It’s built into the human spirit to challenge yourself. Overcoming difficulties is what helps you strengthen and grow as a person. Even in casual simulation games, the need to present yourself with a set of goals and challenges tends to arise.

The easiest and most fun way to give this feeling to yourself is by just refusing to use soap. You can do this with the sheer power and force of water alone. Believing in yourself is worth more than all the bottles of multi-purpose soap in the world.

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