10 Maps We Cannot Wait To See Remade In Halo Infinite’s Forge Mode

While Halo Infinite certainly has its issues, there's no denying that its Forge Mode looks to be the most ambitious and content-rich of them all, opening the door to even more whacky and creative things for the community to make and share. While we love seeing fresh and new ideas emerge from Forge, seeing your favorite map from past iterations remade is always equally as exciting.

Getting to explore Zanzibar with current-gen visuals, hand-crafted by a passionate fan, will always be a highlight of the mode, having us reminisce of the good ol' days when most maps just felt perfect in every way. Thus, we decided to curate a list of which maps we cannot wait to see brought back to life with Infinite's Forge Mode.

10 High Ground

One of the most beloved maps from Halo 3 is High Ground, a map with many twists and turns and pathways leading you into spacey underground bunkers and cheeky hiding spots. Not only would High Ground being remade in Halo Infinite's Forge Mode look stunning, but this map still holds up to this day as one of the best maps in the franchise's history.

High Ground is an excellent Team Slayer, One Flag, and One Bomb map that would fit perfectly with Infinite's whacky tools and gadgets to create a fun and unforgettable experience for all involved. The remaining stone structures of the old UNSC Base stand out wonderfully with the beach at the south end of the map, alongside the splashes of green from the grass and trees. Halo 3 has many fantastic maps, and High Ground is near the top of the list without question.

9 Ivory Tower

After you get your fill of High Ground's beach, it's time to kick back and relax at the public park found in Halo 2, which you will likely know as the map Ivory Tower. From a visual standpoint, Ivory Tower is the clear answer for a map we'd like to see with a modern overhaul. The wooden floors, calming waterfall, and tropical vibes the map radiates will make you never want to leave.

Furthermore, Ivory Tower is an excellent map to play on and excels at Team Slayer, One Flag, and Assault. Seeing Ivory Tower recreated with care and respect and brought up to snuff with the modern visuals of Halo Infinite would be a site to behold. There's quite literally nothing like Ivory Tower when compared to every other Halo map, so it must return via Forge at all costs.

8 Narrows

We had our fun at the beach and a public park, so it's time to move on to one of the more basic yet perfectly crafted Halo 3 maps, Narrows. This map is one of the best competitive Halo stages of all time and is an absolute blast to play Team Slayer and Capture the Flag on. No matter how often you play Narrows, you will always want more of it, and it will never get old.

Narrows is a symmetrical map and is, by all counts, a large metal bridge with only a handful of pathways. Still, this map offers one of the best experiences you can get in Halo, and we feel it would not only carry over nicely with Infinite but will shine just as bright as it once did in Halo 3. Sniping someone taking the Mancanon into your base will forever be one of the best feelings in gaming, and it needs to be restored with Infinite's Forge.

7 Blood Gulch

Speaking of straightforward map layouts, it's about that time we gush about one of Halo: Combat Evolved's finest, Blood Gulch. This map is an enormous box canyon with bases on either end and a large, desolate, open field between them. One side of the map has a ridge where players can take a vantage point, while the others have access to a tunnel, allowing them to set their own game plan in motion.

Despite its overly simplistic design, Blood Gulch remains one of the franchise's best maps, offering endless fun and memories. Speeding off in a Warthog with your buddy in the passenger seat holding the enemy flag is pure adrenaline-inducing, especially when the enemy team is almost always right behind you on a Warthog of their own. While the visual upgrade to this map would undoubtedly be nice, we just want to play on Blood Gulch again and cannot wait until it inevitably gets remade in Forge.

6 Sword Base

Moving on from the straightforward design of Blood Gulch to the more intricately designed Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) research and command base you know and love as Sword Base from Halo Reach. There's no doubt that Halo Reach has its fair share of excellent maps, but Sword Base stands at the top if you exclude the remakes of Halo: CE and Halo 2 maps.

Sword Base consists of a central atrium with several rooms on either side connected by bridges and walkways, making a unique layout that feels important and confidential in several ways. This map was stunning and absurdly fun in Halo Reach, and we cannot imagine what it could potentially look and play like in Infinite. The grappling hook alone would shake Sword Base up quite drastically but in the best and most fun way possible.

5 Hang 'Em High

Located within Installation 04 is Hang 'Em High, the popular Halo: Combat Evolved map that deserves every bit of praise it gets. Hang 'Em High is a phenomenal Team Slayer and Capture the Flag map and features an asymmetrical design with multi-layered structures on each side of the map. The ground floor has 'tombstones' players can use as cover or as a small vantage point in combat.

Hang 'Em High is a special map that players hold near and dear to their hearts, and we feel that a complete visual overhaul with Infinite's Forge Mode could showcase the beauty of this map's design and layout. Whether you're a competitive Halo player or are more social-leaning, Hang 'Em High is just pure fun and exhilarating to play and must be plopped into Infinite whenever Forge goes live as soon as possible.

4 Guardian

When we said earlier that Halo 3 has some of the franchise's best maps, we weren't kidding, and Guardian is here to prove our point. In terms of excelling at specific game modes, Guardian may very well be the best Oddball map of all time and is also an excellent Team Slayer map on top of that. Furthermore, Guardian's design is intricate yet smartly crafted and smooth to play on.

Guardian takes place on a Forerunner base, surrounded by a jungle, which makes the map have this wonder clash of futuristic tech and shiny metal with dark green leaves and towering tree trunks. Saying Guardian would be breathtaking in Halo Infinite's engine would be an understatement, as it still blows us away to this day and still holds up as one of the franchise's most fun and balanced maps.

3 Headlong

Set on a construction site in the sprawling city of New Mombasa is Headlong, a map found in Halo 2's Big Team Battle mode that expertly blended infantry and vehicle-based combat. Big Team Battle Assault and Capture the Flag are fun by default, but Headlong elevated them tenfold due to its excellent design and atmosphere.

With Headlong taking place in New Mombasa, there's so much potential for its inevitable remake in Forge. Changing the time of day, adding weather, tweaking the lighting of the buildings, etc., are all options that can drastically change the feel of the map without messing with its perfect layout. Furthermore, Infinite needs more variety in its BTB Maps, and Headlong would scratch that itch nicely.

2 Zanzibar

Our penultimate pick is the Wind Power Station 7. This, of course, is one of Halo 2's most iconic and beloved maps: Zanzibar. Zanzibar is such a unique and dominant map because it fits every playstyle exceptionally well, having areas for short, medium, and long-range engagements. It also offers vehicle combat for those who want to kick things up a notch.

Zanzibar is often considered one of, if not the, best map in the series, and it's hard to argue against that. Having a map fit your playstyle while not simultaneously ruining someone else's is a special and rare thing in FPS games, and Zanzibar walks that tightrope with ease. Also, just think about how stunning this map will look in Infinite's Forge. It would be all we'd ever want to play. Full stop.

1 The Pit

The iconic, highly competitive Halo 3 map, The Pit, is found in a spacey hangar deep in Africa. This symmetrical map is one of the most balanced maps ever conceived and is a perfect home for the Team Slayer, Capture the Flag, and Assault game modes. When it comes down to it, The Pit may be the best competitive map in the series.

While, visually, the sizeable vacant hangar turned into a training facility isn't the most appealing, the map itself is an all-time classic that needs to be in Halo Infinite. Nothing competes with Capture the Flag on The Pit with BR starts, and that possibility is very well in Halo Infinite's capabilities. Now, if you will excuse us, we will be anxiously waiting for Forge's release and for someone to recreate this beauty of a map with it.

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