10 Best Characters In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, Ranked

While there is a lot to love about the Fire Emblem series as a whole, some point to the dynamic relationships between the various title characters as their favorite part of each game. The latest Fire Emblem games have arguably had some of the strongest characters in the series, and fans have taken notice.

Thanks to a love for the characters and a desire to dominate the game’s stories, a lot of people find themselves wondering which characters are the best. Luckily, there are actually quite a few who stand out above the others for a variety of reasons that’ll make waging war even easier.

10 Monica

Fans of magic users will probably be disappointed by the fact that they aren’t exactly the best characters in the game, but at least Monica manages to stand out as arguably the best magic user.

She’s a very balanced unit that is capable of controlling entire sections of the battlefield by herself. Her abilities only continue to get better throughout the game, even gaining some healing once you get your hands on her sacred weapon. If you want some good magic, side with Edelgard to get full use of Monica.

9 Leonie

Most people are going to notice a trend in just which characters are widely considered to be the best of the best. Heavy hitters with varied attacks and a lot of speed are basically the best kinds of units you could ask for.

Because of that, Leonie stands out as a fantastic unit for any player. Building Leonie as a mounted unit will keep her speed high, and allow her to rack up huge combos. The number of hits she gets only makes her unique ability even better, making her a go-to unit.

8 Ingrid

Fans of Pegasus and Falcon Knights will be glad to see Ingrid on the list. High mobility, and even movement options that few other classes have access to make her a must-have unit on most battlefields.

Her attacks have great range, letting her attack most of an enemy hold at the same time if you can maneuver her right, and huge groups of enemies can’t hope to stand up to her icy attacks. There won’t be a single person who regrets having a unit like Ingrid around

7 Ferdinand

To some people, Ferdinand might actually have the best unique ability in the game, something that might be especially true for speedrunners. Using his ability and dominating your foes for more than a few hundred hits will allow Ferdinand to take the battle into his hands.

You’ll want to keep him as a mounted unit, preferably a Holy Knight, in order to see Ferdinand become one of the fastest units in the entire game. His frightening speed will put your mind at ease, and allow you to send Ferdinand to handle a problem instead of Shez.

6 Jeritza

Any unit that can become a literal Death Knight is probably someone you want to make use of. Sure, it sounds a bit sinister, but Jeritza is one of the most dominant units in the game, and a huge part of that is his Death Knight class.

You get the general high speed of a mounted unit, with the kind of strength that is usually reserved for the game's lords. Anyone who uses him agrees he’s one of the best, so it’s a safe bet that you’ll end up feeling the same way.

5 Dimitri

There’s no denying how good of a unit Dimitri is, but he definitely has the weakest unique ability of all of the game's rulers. Having thunder attacks definitely has its uses, but Dimitri can get good enough that you may not even feel a need to use the ability.

Still, Dimitri has some of the best damage output in the game and has no issue taking on the toughest of foes by himself. Pairing him with another unit will allow him to blaze through the battlefield without you needing to take control of him at all.

4 Claude

It’s pretty hard to pick which rulers are actually the best of the best, but Claude has become a favorite for many fans of the series. His unique skill is good, but it does leave a bit to be desired compared to other units.

Luckily, Claude is an absolute monster on the battlefield and is more than capable of taking on an entire battle by himself. Sending him into any enemy strongholds will see them captured in a manner of seconds. Claude is just too much for the enemy forces.

3 Edelgard

You could pick Edelgard's route because she’s one of the most interesting characters in Fire Emblem history, but you could also pick her because she’s one of, if not the strongest unit in the entire game.

The trade-off for her strength is her slower movement, but allowing her to trudge from area to area, cleaving everything in her path on the way is worth it. Her abilities make her an even stronger force of nature, making her a must-have in almost every battle on her route.

2 Byleth

Byleth’s incredible ability alone is something that would make the unit one of the strongest in the game, even if they didn’t have access to some of the best attacks. Being able to freeze a huge group of enemies in place at a moment's notice is a huge help.

The freeze lasts quite a while, letting you destroy anything in your way without them getting a chance to attack. You get access to Byleth pretty late, but once they become an Enlightened One, you’ll be glad to have them around.

1 Shez

It shouldn’t really be surprising that Shez is arguably the best unit in the entire game. It’s the original player character and the one you have the most control over. Pretty much every attack from Shez is one that swats an entire group of enemies.

Being able to draw enemies in with a tornado attack, and shred them apart with other combos makes Shez useful anywhere on the battlefield. Obviously, the Asura class was made specifically for Shez, and it shows as the character slices through every enemy in sight.

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