Pokemon Go Zapdos Guide: Weaknesses, Best Counters, And Raid Tips

Pokemon Go has brought back another Legendary Pokemon for a limited time. Zapdos, one of the three Legendary birds from the original Red and Blue versions, is appearing in five-star Raids again until Friday, October 2. Like Articuno, Zapdos has made numerous appearances in Go since it debuted, but if you’ve yet to capture one or are just looking to add more to your collection, we’ve rounded up some tips to help you beat and catch Zapdos below.

Zapdos Raid Schedule

Zapdos will return to five-star Raids starting September 25 at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET, and it will remain in the game until the same time on Friday, October 2. Raid Battles don’t follow a set schedule, but you’ll receive a notification in-game when one is about to begin at a nearby Gym, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a Zapdos Raid.

Your best chance to catch Zapdos will come on Wednesday, September 30, when Niantic holds its regular Raid Hour event. From 6-7 PM local time that night, most Gyms will be taken over by Zapdos Raids, which should make it much easier to find and battle the Legendary Pokemon.

Zapdos Weaknesses And Counters

As an Electric/Flying type, Zapdos is only really weak to Rock and Ice Pokemon. Rock types that are also part-Ground, like Rhyperior and Golem, will be especially useful when battling it, as they’ll resist Zapdos’s Electric attacks and dish out super-effective damage with their own Rock-type moves. Alolan Golem is a good choice as well since it’s a Rock and Electric Pokemon, which makes it resistant to both of Zapdos’s types.

Mamoswine is your best choice when it comes to Ice Pokemon because it’s part ground as well, but there are plenty of other viable pocket monsters to bring along. The Legendary Kyurem likewise resists Zapdos’s Electric attacks and can hit it with super-effective moves, while Glaceon and Weavile are just good Ice attackers, although neither of them have any resistances to Zapdos.

Types To Avoid

Zapdos’s Electric attacks are super-effective against Water and other Flying Pokemon, while its Flying moves will tear through Grass, Bug, and Fighting types, so you’ll want to avoid using those kinds of Pokemon when battling it.

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