New Pokemon Home Update Out, Makes Many Quality-Of-Life Improvements

A new update for the mobile version of Pokemon Home is now live. This patch updates the Pokemon storage service to Ver. 1.2.1, and it primarily makes some welcome quality-of-life improvements to numerous features.

Among other changes, you can now deposit multiple Pokemon at once into the Wonder Box. Search filters for the GTS have also been improved, and challenge completion notifications have been tweaked to make it clearer which challenge you’ve just completed.

Beyond that, the Battle Data feature now displays the most commonly used Natures, held items, and other details for the top-ranking Pokemon in online competitions. A back button has also been added to Battle Data screens.

Finally, the patch resolves an issue that prevented Gigantamax Toxtricity from displaying in players’ Pokedex, as well as “various” other unspecified fixes. You can see the full patch notes for Pokemon Home’s 1.2.1 update below.

Like Pokemon Bank for 3DS, Pokemon Home is a cloud storage service that allows you to store Pokemon you’ve caught and move them between games. The service is available in free and paid tiers, the latter of which offers more storage space and a few exclusive features, such as the ability to transfer over Pokemon from 3DS. You can also receive some free Pokemon just for using Home, including the three Galar starters with their Hidden Abilities.

Meanwhile, Pokemon Sword and Shield are running a new Max Raid event. Until August 31, certain Ground- and Water-type Pokemon like Gastrodon, Milotic, Hippowdon, and Quagsire will appear more frequently in Max Raids. You’ll also have a better chance of encountering Gigantamax Drednaw and Sandaconda.

Pokemon Home Ver. 1.2.1 Patch Notes

  • Improved search result filters for the GTS “Search for Pokemon” function
    • The “Include people searching for Legendary and Mythical Pokemon” option has been updated to “Include people searching for Legendary, Mythical, and other special Pokemon.”
    • You can now filter your results based on what Pokemon you have deposited in Pokemon Home.
  • Added the ability to place multiple Pokemon in the Wonder Box at once.
  • Revised Challenge completion messages for improved clarity on what Challenge you’ve completed. Added the ability to view Pokemon’s Natures under Pokemon Rankings in Battle Data.