Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Adds New Magical Skills Through SOS Training

As Harry Potter: Wizards Unite enters its second year of release, Niantic is adding a whole new raft of skill trees for players to unlock, strengthening their skills and abilities, thanks to the Statute of Secrecy Task Force.

Accessible to all players over level 4 regardless of their chosen Profession, the upcoming SOS Training feature will give players access to new abilities, as well as providing buffs to existing ones.

The new abilities to be unlocked by SOS training are called Field Charms, referring to a set of spells that can be cast directly on the world map. These include the Trace Charm, which can be cast on an existing Trace to reveal more in the immediate area, the Inn Charm, which can be cast on Inns to generate extra spell energy, and the Greenhouse Charm, which causes Greenhouses to produce rare potion ingredients.

As well as the new Field Charms, the SOS skill trees will unlock buffs to existing abilities, such as the option to achieve mastery on your spell of choice. A buff called Departure Denial reduces the chance of Foundables fleeing during an encounter, while others are available to boost potion strength or shorten the time it takes to brew them.

Unlocking these skills will require one of three new collectibles–Field Guides, Ministry Manuals, or Defense Against the Dark Arts Books–which can be collected through the same gameplay mechanics already used to redeem rewards.

Niantic hasn’t announced what date SOS Training will launch, but have said to “stay tuned for more information this month.”

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