Fortnite: Drive From Retail Row To Pleasant Park In Less Than 4 Minutes Guide

Fortnite’s newest set of vehicles is finally here, and Week 8’s challenges put you behind the wheel right away. One challenge asks you to drive between Retail Row and Pleasant Park in less than 4 minutes. This guide will show you the best way to get there within the time limit. Yes, cars are part of Fortnite, and you can put the pedal to the metal to get this challenge done in no time. The rewards are worth it.

Where Can I Find a Car At Retail Row?

You’ll be able to find a car as soon as you land at Retail Row. There are taxis, trucks, and sedans scattered throughout the named location. Hop in one and the game will prompt you with a “drive to Pleasant Park” timer. You’ll need to get there within four minutes.

What’s The Best Route Between Retail Row And Pleasant Park?

You’ll want to stick to driving on the pavement in these cars. They go noticeably slower on grass, dirt, and in shallow water. Stick to the road between the two named locations. It should give you enough time to make it all the way–you only need to get to the outskirts of Pleasant Park.

The drive is long enough to deplete your gas tank, so if you’ve got time to spare, be sure to stop at a gas station to quickly refill your gas tank by picking up the gas nozzle and holding it next to your car (you’ll need to press the fire button on your platform to fill it up).

What Do I Get For This Road Trip?

You’ll get 35,000 experience points for your time behind the wheel. Be sure to also check out our guide on where to find Motorboat Mayhem for this week’s time trial, and head over to our complete Season 3 challenge hub for help on anything else.

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