Yone to be released in Patch 10.16 with Spirit Blossom skin

Lately, there has been a lot of rumors about the next Champion for League of Legends. Probably more than ever, since we are talking about the Champion number 150 of the game, and this is not a random character… this is Yone, Yasuo’s brother.

Yasuo is probably the most popular Champ in Riot Games’ MOBA. He is both hated and loved by everyone, especially by SoloQ players. Now, after all the leaks we have had, it seems like we will have soon a way to avenge all Yasuo’s victims.

Back in 2019, Yone was introduced to the world thanks to the first test of Legends of Runeterra, including his own lore, in which Yone was killed by Yasuo, his brother.

After that, last January, Riot Games released their Champion Roadmap and said something about a new Champion coming this year, that would wear a mask (like predicting these pandemic times), and let us know that “he refuses to die”.

That last sentence was the main problem with Yone. How could we have Yasuo’s brother back to life without contradicting the lore?

We have already seen Champions coming back from death, like Lucian’s wife, Senna. But that story had sense: Senna had been trapped in Thresh’s lantern after they fought him.

The only thing we know about Yone is that he was killed by Yasuo, having been accused of a crime he did not commit and being forced to fight against his family member in order to survive.

There is no logical way for him to come back, he didn’t even hate Yasuo that much, so Riot Games will need to invent something completely new to explain that.

Still, we can be pretty sure about Yone coming soon to the game. Most of the leaks about this Champion were provided by the same person who also leaked Lillia, and her description was very detailed: Yone’s hair would be very similar to the card and depiction we have from LoR, maybe with some more hair laying on his shoulders.

He would also have red and blue eyes, and his face covered by a mask.
Yone would be a shirtless figure with pale skin that has bandages on both arms and would use two swords.

That was all we had until last Tuesday when we saw this tweet:

Yea cool, Yone confirmed in Thresh skin VO. pic.twitter.com/Wz4yxRTg83

— SkinSpotlights (@SkinSpotlights) July 7, 2020


Yone has been confirmed thanks to the visual effects that belong to a new Thresh’ skin. And if you wonder what skin is it, surprise! It is Spirit Blossom Thresh, one of the skins coming soon with Riot Games’ Summer Event.

We still have no confirmation about the exact date of this event or all the new stuff that will be released then, but now we are sure that Yone must be released before Spirit Blossom Thresh.

In case it wasn’t enough, right after that leak, a new image appeared everywhere in social media:

This bad-quality picture is supposed to be Spirit Blossom Yone!!

There is no way now to be wrong. Yone is coming sooner or later, but we will most probably have to wait for Patch 10.16.

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