xQc Finds Success With Minecraft – Weekly Twitch Top 10s, June 29 – July 5

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive stranglehold on first place was finally broken by former Overwatch League pro Félix “xQc” Lengyel’s unique brand of variety streaming.

On the content side, however, the status quo remains firmly in place with Just Chatting once again taking the crown, with little movement within the Top 10, save for what was influenced by Lengyel.

Twitch’s Top Channel – xQc

Lengyel has been a mainstay of the Top 10 for some time, having turned a contentious, outspoken stint in the Overwatch League into a career as one of the most-watched variety Twitch streamers on the platform. Lengyel is credited by other popular streamers as having started the recent chess craze which led to the creation of the $50K USD PogChamps tournament organized by Twitch Rivals.

While Lengyel is a prominent figure on the platform, he rarely claims the top spot. This week however, he was able to break 3M hours watched by tapping into one of the most-watched forms of gaming content on the planet – Minecraft. The game that started the gaming craze on YouTube was Lengyel’s most-streamed title of the week. It is unlikely that Lengyel will continue to commit significant time to the game going forward, as typically variety streamers find their success from consistently rotating through different content. Even during this past week, although Lengyel devoted significant time to Minecraft, he still streamed under 13 other categories.

Twitch’s Top Content – Just Chatting

As previously predicted, Just Chatting has established itself as a category with enough broad use on Twitch that it can now only really be dethroned by a new game release or viewer incentive program. In fact, Twitch’s top three content categories appear entrenched in their current order.

In the lower ranks, however, there has been some movement. Increased esports activity and content updates have helped VALORANT remain at #7 for the second consecutive week, while the boost Escape From Tarkov earned from its viewer incentive program in June has decayed enough to drop it from the Top 10 and open the door for World of Warcraft to rejoin the list.

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