claim the final spot into the OMEGA League Immortal division

The closed qualifiers for the OMEGA League Europe Immortal division came to a close last night with surviving two elimination series in a row. were one of the 16 teams fighting for nine days for one of the two slots into the $500,000 Immortal battle of OMEGA League and, as expected, they crushed the opposition in their group to reach the playoffs stage. In the opening series of the single elimination playoff bracket, were put to a test by Team Empire, who managed to take game two from them with a close to perfection Faceless Void performance from Alexey “Smiling Knight” Sviridov. But, despite losing the game with a Gyrocopter-Io duo on their side, pushed for the same pairing in the final game and although they were led for the first 30 minutes of the battle by Team Empire, they turned the tide in their favor with a team fight took near their mid tier two tower, where they managed to team wipe Empire and slowly build their comeback from there on.

The final series pitted against HellRaisers, who focused on winning the lanes in both games. However, matched their aggression and push power with drafts built towards a global presence on the map and a core Venomancer that proved to be a nuisance for HR.

Along with 5men, who also claimed a spot into the Immortal division, will start the long road to the OMEGA League title on the 14 of August, when their opening series will be played against OG.

 OMEGA League Immortal Division groups:

NAVITeam Secret
Virtus.proNinjas in Pyjamas
Evil GeniusesFlyToMoon
Team NigmaTeam Liquid

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