Vici Gaming and EHOME dominate in the lower bracket at OGA Dota Pit Season 3

After two rounds of upper bracket
action at OGA Dota PIT Season 3: China, it was time for eliminations to be seen
as we moved into the lower bracket for the first time since playoffs begun –
with two teams losing their tournament lives today.

Having lost in a demoralizing manner
to PSG.LGD yesterday in the upper bracket, Vici Gaming would be looking to find
some redemption today as they hoped to remain in the tournament. Their
opponents would be Royal Never Give Up – a team which they had already
decimated during the group stage. RNG would be looking for some revenge, but VG
were prepared. An extremely one-sided first game would be seen, with RNG not
even able to break double digits on the scoreboard, as VG stomped them into a 0-1

Game two seemed far better for
RNG, who found their footing early on and were looking ready to take things to
a game three. However, thanks to Yang “Erica” Shaohan’s Morphling being an
unstoppable and unkillable force, VG would find a way to destroy the RNG lineup
and force out the GG call, securing a 2-0 victory and eliminating RNG from OGA
Dota PIT Season 3.

The final series for the day
would be between EHOME and Team MagMa, in a matchup won by EHOME during the
group stages. Unfortunately for MagMa, today would not see a change in that
result – even with an Ursa in game one followed by a Lycan in game two.
Although the young, barely known squad showed some great signs of life, it was
not enough to take down the veterans of EHOME, who marched through to take a solid
2-0 victory and eliminate MagMa from the tournament.

With that, EHOME set themselves
up for a lower bracket elimination series against Vici Gaming tomorrow, which
would be followed by an extremely hype upper bracket final between PSG.LGD and
Team Aster as the OGA Dota PIT Season 3: China heads towards it’s final day.

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