Valve aims to release a new Dota 2 hero by the end of November 2020

The Fall update deployed by Valve last night brought a lot of information and plenty of content for Plus subscribers and all the players alike.

From Plus subscribers exclusive treasure, new Guild ranking system and shards rewards available to all players, to optional seasonal MMR reset, the latest update has something for everyone. But more importantly, Valve brought news that each Dota 2 player was looking forward to.

New heroes

For the past several years, The International also meant the announcement of a new hero. With the event being postponed this time around due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Valve kept quiet about their plan regarding a possible new hero.

Last night, the Dota 2 developer announced that they aim for a new hero release by the end of November 2020 and plans involve another hero to be revealed sometime in the Spring of 2021.

In its latest blog update, Valve acknowledged the rift created between the company and the players by their lack of communication and promises to “balance that approach with the desire for some information to the community.”

With that in mind, the company apologizes to the community for not sharing more of their plans stating that “there are a variety of reasons we don’t tend to get into those things until something is ready to release, because sometimes plans change, or an idea doesn’t develop into something solid, etc. Sometimes we also aren’t sure about dates yet, and don’t want to set up false expectations for either the scope for an update or to create disappointment if estimations are wrong.”

Nonetheless, the bit of information that Valve can share at this moment is the decision of changing the way new content will be released for Dota 2. The new approach means that big updates will be spread along the year instead of being centered around The International.

“We are hoping a steady state of content will prove to be more engaging to users than the previous approaches,” said Valve.


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