Valorant abilities leaked for unreleased agents Shatter and Crusader

A recent Valorant leak gives a sneak peek into the abilities of two agents: Shatter and Crusader. Riot’s still-evolving Valorant has taken hold of gamers’ hearts and competitive spirits around the world. The 5v5 tactical shooter currently hosts a roster of 11 agents, donned with unique kits and open playstyles.

Previously, Riot’s team ensured that Valorant‘s player base could look forward to fresh agents. Currently, the game’s roster is stacked with “Duelists,” or combat focused agents. For example, Phoenix takes the game into his own hands with his flashes. Yet, there’s only one dedicated healing character—Sage. Additionally, there are others like Brimstone, who’s kit is relatively more utility-based. As a result, players are eager to see an increase in the representation of playstyles.

Shatter’s leaked Valorant audio files

ValorantExpress, known for its game leaks, released audio files of Shatter’s abilities. Initially uncovered during the beta, Shatter’s abilities hint at a tricky agent. According to the leak, he can clone himself, confusing enemies who fall for his decoy. Furthermore, after the leaks, it’s now thought “Clone Explode” allows Shatter to clone himself and find his way into some regions of the map.

Shatter Clone Ability Audio:

Shatter is another one of the agents that has possibly been scrapped, but unlike others, this has not been confirmed.

After digging through dev audio files for hours, I have been able to match up some sounds to his clone ability. Enjoy!

— Valorant Express – Valorant Leaks And News (@ValorantExpress) July 20, 2020

Leaked Crusader Valorant abilities

Initially thought to be a prototype of Breach, Crusader’s kit differs significantly. According to ValorantExpress, Crusader was designed with a riot shield to “block damage when he is planting the bomb, and even be throw-able.” However, the guard doesn’t last forever and is breakable. Furthermore, the leakers say Crusader utilizes throwable grenades.

Crusader info:

– Shield Ability: Crusader would have a shield that would block damage, block damage when he is planting the bomb, and even be throw-able. This shield would eventually break.

– Crusader would have a throw-able grenade as well. The properties are unknown.

— Valorant Express – Valorant Leaks And News (@ValorantExpress) July 20, 2020

Since the leaks surfaced, Valorant‘s team hasn’t spoken about whether or not they’ve scrapped the two agents. There’s a possibility the duo is still in the works and could release in the future. Until then, it’s interesting to see how current agents may have evolved from previous designs. What’s more, the leaks shine light onto how Riot may develop the roster moving forward.

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