V-Tune's Terrorblade pummels NiP into OMEGA League: EU Divine Division

A single tiebreaker series was on the way today at OMEGA League:
Europe Immortal Division as Ninjas in Pyjamas and FlyToMoon fought to avoid
being relegated into the Divine Division.

Both NiP and FTM had fairly rough group stage runs at OMEGA
League: EU Immortal Division, as both went through with only a single victory
and four losses in their five series. NiP’s only win came in a shock victory over
Team Liquid, while FTM were able to get theirs against their opponent today and
would be hoping to have a repeat performance. But with a shot at moving into
the playoffs through the play-in stage was on the line and things could easily
go differently.

Unfortunately for NiP, they made the mistake of giving Alik ‘V-Tune’
Vorobey the chance to acquire Terrorblade in game one and two of the series –
and this resulted in their being no third game. With a total of 25 kills and
only one death over the two-game series, FTM managed to close things out quickly,
taking only 32-minutes in both games. Although NiP had a decent draft in game
one, they were unable to execute it against their opponents – with game two
seeing them completely outdrafted, as they crumbled.

With that, Ninjas in Pyjamas will now drop into the OMEGA
League: Divine Division, where they will face up against Cyber Legacy in their
first challenge tomorrow. For FlyToMoon, they now have a shot at reaching the
Immortal League playoffs as they will face off against Alliance later today,
with a loss seeing them move into Divine Division. Later today we will also see
the second play-in series between 5men and Team Liquid, as all four teams will
be hoping to remain in the Immortal Division of the event.

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